Updates on EH

I guess y’all be happy to read the following…brought as a comment by Non Aligned Movement
Regarding Ervin Hatibi, needless to say that he represents currently the ultimate achievement of the Albanian poetry. Furthermore his complex personality as a writer and artist has already established a new school of poetry writing in Albania by inspiring a whole new generation of poets, trying to revive decades long dead Albanian poetry (which in my modest opinion represents at the same time the soul of Albanian gemeinschaft). And this is the main difference that Hatibi has with most of the known writers in Albanian language including Kadare. This last, albeit of his good semi-fictional narrative has never managed to become an inspiration of change or spiritual upbringing neither in underground nor in popular culture. In sharp difference from Kadare, Hatibi has mastered an in-depth understanding of the shades of the Albanian society and has sacrificed his talent by representing it. The best proof of this is the high intricacy that his work represents for any translator in any given language. In any case, if anyone is interested in reading something from Hatibi in foreign languages I would suggest visiting Hatibi’s own web site http://www.ervinhatibi.com . I presume it is still under construction but I believe it serves the purpose.



8 thoughts on “Updates on EH

  1. yes! yes!

    vetëm se nuk më pëlqeu që ky movementi i dalëm vije ka harxhuar bajte për të folur jo mirë për Kadarenë, a thua se Hatibi ka nevojë të nxihet sfondi që të duket i zdritshëm.

    anyways, happy që mund të lexoj dhe gjëra të reja nga Hatibi.

    thanks B.

  2. “In sharp difference from Kadare, Hatibi has mastered an in-depth understanding of the shades of the Albanian society and has sacrificed his talent by representing it.”

    Whaaaaat? 😦
    It does not seem like you are kidding.
    Blete, why are you doing this?
    But before all, is this text yours or you got it from somewhere else.

    woowww… 😦

    well, I got a plane to catch early and I will pack stuff (the very reason of not being in bed at this time), but this was worse than lack of sleep.

    Why do we have to compare? Necessarily to compare. There are things one simply cannot put to no comparison. They are in their own right just untouchable and self-sufficient. I’m not predicting some sort of religion here. Just calling for healthy reasoning. And the citation is a complete BS to say the least. I think EH can do very well without decreasing/dismantling IK. No need for it. EH is great, but in any circumstance he is a talent. A very-very big one. IK is a genius. That’s the difference, if we want to compare by all means.

    Whatever… 😦 😦 it just hurts when one sees it in places like this.

  3. I like Hatibi’s work .
    I’m not a Kadare fan.
    and as this is a personal site , whose opinion won’t effect people free of choice i guess there’s not any problem in saying this.
    albeit i think that Blerta didn’t do that on purpose , she just meant to show her preferences on Hatibi’s style.

    cheers all of you guys!

  4. Emigrant, may this be your biggest hurt in life! Besides, Hatibi is cuter than Kadare. 😉
    Jokes aside, I only posted this up for the website, since it has some of your old and new favorites from Hatibi. I don’t profess to understand or compare geniuses. I am but a mere woman and I know my place in society and the capacity of my womanly brain.

  5. My bad. Should have kept the disappointment for myself. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.
    You may delete what I said. Poor management of expectation.
    Have a good one.

  6. Yes, Hatibi is a great poet even when he writes prose. A good poet is impossible to translate. But I tend to think that what makes him so difficult to translate (well) isn’t proof of his having mastered the intricacy of Albanian society, but that his uncommon mastery of (over?) the language makes resonance rather impossible in translation. Pasqyra e Lendes, in my opinion is completely untranslatable. Which doesn’t mean it won’t be, but it will necessarily be a terrible translation. Like Robert Elsie’s translations of Lleshanaku and others.

  7. Hej a lejohet me shkrujt shqip ketu?

    Hatibi eshte vertet poeti me i mire shqiptar qe une kam lexuar. Mendimi personal? Poezia e tij qendron shume me lart se poezia e Kadarese. Per prozen pastaj eshte tjeter muhabet.

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