breakdown of energizer bunny

i have finally managed to be so swamped with work that my hands are literally gnarling over the computer board and my brain refuses to work anymore without sleep and burn its cells on coffee.
i have been working like a maniac on my day job, trying to manage on my night job, plainly killing myself on my translation project, maintaining contact with beautiful girls of Albanian Woman Exposed and our charming curator who is starting to understand that having a harem (loosely defining a group of pretty accomplished and smart artistic women juggling duties, family and work) is not all that it cracked up to be, translating and editing my friend’s stuff, going out for a friend’s birthday party and generally keeping abreast with the daily gossip/blogosphere environment.
and no there is no declaration. (you know who you are!)
i broke down and allowed myself this little posting before i go nuts and attack the squirrels mocking me outside the window. jsut to justify my irregular disappearances there are several good things to come from them:
1. more money,
2. promotion (or at least job security)
3. Albanian Women Exposed, our wonderful show to happen on September 19. you are all invited!
4. these little verses in my head that refuse to disappear.
beautiful putty
by his rough hands molded
he thinks it’s the hands
she thinks it’s the putty

of course bad things might come out of them as well:
1. aggravation of client, alienation of family, commitment to psych ward
2. murdering of squirrels
3. total food and coffee binge
4. lapse-in-judgement boyfriend (brrr)

so anyway, see ya when i am a bit more coherent


3 thoughts on “breakdown of energizer bunny

  1. I am amazed that you found the time to write smth. I’ve totally ignored my virtual life because of the craziness that has enraptured me too in the past weeks. I guess helping out with AWE, its been smth that none of us expected to be so busy, but mend per here tjeter 😛 How do you say that in english, “mind for next time” ha, funny 🙂

    If this makes you feel any better, I thank you again for all the wonderful support and creative ideas that you’ve given us at the AWE!

    You Rock!

  2. o goca ti dhe Belle, you rock qe te dyja.ju pergezoj per punen e palodhur sinqerisht dhe s’kam ç’te shtoj tjeter veçse : respekte!

    sa do doja te isha me ju me 19 shtator ne ekspozite:( uroj ta realizojme here tjeter!

  3. coem on peeps, i only wrote this to escape my project. now that i finished it, i am free again. we all deserve accolades.

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