grabs and catcalls

i was walking down 3rd avenue today when this man bumped into me head on. eehh it happens i thought and made to walk off. then i felt his hands moving fast, trying to feel my boobs. as my brain stood shocked, my body reacted and pushed the man away so strongly that he almost fell. then he walked away without a peep, while my temperature went to 170 degrees. i just not could not calm down for the longest time. it was a small stupid event after all. it is just that it hadn’t happened in so long that i forgot how it felt or to even watch out for it.
on the train, i was trying to balance my high heeled wedgies with my coffee and shoulderbag when i felt a definite brush against my tush. it did not feel crowded in the station, so i turned to see who it was. it was a handicapped guy, who leered at me. or maybe he was just cross-eyed, i don’t know. but he definitely copped a feel and was going home happy. what to do?
later, i bought an ice cream and was eating it while going back to the train station. it was hot and i was enjoying my soft-serve to the cone. and then somebody yelled at me, several times until i stopped. i turned and this guy asked if he could lick it too. now, it caught me by surprise again. normally i do not get such brazen catcalls. in true albo style, i flipped him off and went away agitated, dropping the ice cream at a garbage bin.
at first i was mad. then i said that he did not deserve the bird after all. he was not grabby guy, he was catcall guy. he probbably paid me a compliment in his weird and stupid way. i could have possibly handled it differently without being vulgar woman.
1. i’d shake my head when he asked me to lick the ice cream, snigger and walk off.
2. i’d get closer, right in between his stupid friends, give him the ice cream to lick, then drop it in his trousers after he was done with it.
3. i’d hand him $3 and walk away.
4. i’d continue ignoring him and walked away enjoying my ice cream.
5. i’d go to him and thank him for being so kind to an old lady.
i was surprised that i paid so much attention to this incident. the truth is, i do not get many catcalls anymore, not even from construction people. possibly because this is New York and girls way prettier and younger walk the streets every minute. possibly because men are a bit smarter and less attentive than the other cities. so, i should have been grateful. it is just that catcalls are grating to the nerves. they do not make the subject laugh. they are intimidating. one has to have balls to go through a noisy group of men and not react to catcalls. and sometimes, when i have already gone through boob-grabbing guy, touchie-feelie handicapped guy, dirt-mouthed techie and what not, my patience ends, and i snap. and then the dirt-mouthed techie gets it.
so that is it, i am mad still.


7 thoughts on “grabs and catcalls

  1. cant belive this things happen there too…it sound so albo “flirting” cannot walk relaxed in tirana streets without being noticed from the carnivores.. so discusting after all 😦

  2. lol lol 🙂
    “one has to have balls to go through a noisy group of men and not react to catcalls”
    Mu m’ngacmojne historikisht katunaret e mbarum fare dhe perverset ne rruge.
    Nuk e di pse 😦 zgjoj ndjenja tek kjo kategori 😦
    Por po qellova ne dite te keqe, ju kthehem kaq keq sa nuk di ca i shaj. me cte munden. Aq keq i shaj sa zhduken nga syte kembet dhe sguxojne me nxjerre nje llaf me teper.

  3. the sad part is i judge how pretty i am that day by the amount of homeless and busboys whistling at me…
    and there isn’t much of it happening anymore

  4. Une s’kuptoj nje gje, ka raste qe ketej nga memedheu s’te shohin fare ne fytyre, 🙂 mjaftojne te te identifikojne qe je femer dhe fap te serviret nje menu e pasur me lloj-lloj specialitetesh. Neper autobusa ketej, njerezit vdesin te ngjeshen me njeri-tjetrin. Te jemi popull qe kemi kaq ftohte?! Edhe ne pike te vapes? 🙂

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