Selfie, this is for you.

– unfinished II-

Yep, there he went again. She was tired of the endless innuendos, the obvious hints at his sexual prowress, the blow-by-blow account of his escapades, the dirty talk that had become a necessity to all their conversations, and the nonexistent boyfriend she had to invent to keep him at bay. The truth was he was a very interesting person when he forgot to be sleazy, and that she actually liked him and thought that deep down he was a good albeit lost soul. And she was 100% sure there was no chemistry between them. She was not attracted to him and he was not attracted to her. She reckoned the only reason he still insisted was force of habit and the fact that she was a woman. And that he could not drop his shields no matter how hard he tried.
She’d lost her train of thought so she draw herself back into the conversation.
-i know how a woman like you wants it. I’d make you scream so hard you’d never forget it your whole life. I’d spend hours going down on you and staying there.if you only knew…
-you got it- she heard herself say.
-What do you mean?-he said.
-let’s go to your apartment. She said. -i still have a couple of hours and I hate living you with an obssession.
-are you sure?- he said – what about your boyfriend?
-I’ll deal. She said shortly and got up without waiting for him to follow. He actually did, sure that he would. He did.
He hailed a taxi outside and gave the dirctions not to his apartment, but to a motel in the suburbs. She remembered he lived with his mother and smiled inside.
They did not speak all the way through, and she got lost giving farewell to that city she had loved so much. The taxi screeched in and screeched out of the hotel with the promise to come back in two hours. She let him pay even though before she had always insisted they either split the bills, or pay it in turns. She also let him handle the clerk at the sleazy lobby. He paid and bought a couple of beers as well. Then they took the elevator up, together with another couple who made out through-out the ride. They got out, still not touching, and went in their room. The room was actually clean and chastean with not a hint of the sleaziness of the motel facade.
(To be continued…)


7 thoughts on “unfinished

  1. Always a pleasure to read something from your creativity….
    Like the language and the flow.


  2. Blete, po prez vazhdimin. Mos thuj qe nuk shkon me tutje sepse rren kot se koti. Sa per ta kujtu, e ke lene tregimin kur ai cifti shkoi te dhoma e motelit ๐Ÿ˜›

    p.s. Self, ja do vish per vizite heren tjeter edhe do llafosemi ๐Ÿ™‚

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