a handy party trick

i’ve always wanted to be popular at parties and have men fight over the honor of talking to me. But i like to talk to women too. which makes wearing the mini-mini spandex dress and platform sandals pretty awkward sometimes. Being the best looking person at a party (not that i have ever been, but hypothetically speaking) did not get me any new friends. And I never seem to manage fashionably late entry, statuesque posing, or hair flips. they are just an unfamiliar world to me. So i picked up palm reading.

it is actually quite easy. all you do is lie with a straight face. i have perfected the trade through the years, and the thought of being a madam actually appealed to me immensely. here is madam b. reading the future in your palm and your soul in your eyes. watch it and do not be a stuck-up idiot or she will make you doubt yourself and switch careers overnight. it is actually fun to set people on a totally different path and watch them believe you. and you’d be amased that they will tell you things they never told to their best friend or partner.

see, palm reading has enough verity to sound true. if your palms are blotchy, there is a chance you are not feeling well. yellow predicts too much nicotine, or liver disease. crooked fingers, arthritis. and yet, yet, i tell you how many children you will have and whether your inlaws will like you.

i never tell you you will have a short life. or that your boyfriend is cheating on you. but if i truly do not like you, i advise you to open yourself to unusual people and possibilities, because you have closed yourself off and will be friendless for the rest of your life if you do not learn to respect those around you. without palm reading, that would probbably earn me a black eye. with palmreading, i get you to be my friend, and smile at me tomorrow, even if i am the wrong shape, style or gender.

besides, i like hands, most have good character. being shy, it helps me create contact and maintain it, and know you as much as i need to, without you actually realizing it. but do not fear because i am not evil and i will never abuse what i learn. just behave, and i will too.

people are strange though. some refuse to give me their hand, some get nervous if their friends listen in, some cannot do with only one reading but coem back every three minutes. some profess to not believe, only to be completely hooked the moment i mention that they have a secret they are carrying from their past, and is acting as an obstacle now. then they eat my words with a spoon so to speak.

but nobody has confesed murder yet.

the picture below is also taken by the evertalented belle, and the amazing elegant hands are those of selfie. she did have a very interesting hand to read šŸ˜‰


3 thoughts on “a handy party trick

  1. i read the hair. black curls are a sign of inteligence.
    that reminds me to read yours next time i see you.

  2. I wanna be there when you read Bimbashi’s hand. I’m sure there’s plenty of interesting stuff to listen too šŸ˜›

    I encourage you to keep readig hands cuz all the things you say do come true! Choose Blete for a palm reader! How’s that for free advertising šŸ˜‰

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