Sexy Bronx

I was stumbling in the streets of Bronx at 7.30AM last Friday when I snapped this pic. The lady was about 4ft tall, size 14, and had on the highest red spike heels I had ever seen. I thought that if she’d been at least 5.5 or taller she would have made the world bow to her with all that determination.

Oh why can’t  I be more like that, why?



13 thoughts on “Sexy Bronx

  1. Lol, it was more a reflectoin on how she made the best with what little nature gave her.
    Here I was in flat sandals, sleepy hair and one of those weird outfits that look passable only in the dawn. And taking pictures of a beauty who should have been a horror, kept together only by her attitude.
    But thank you girls!

  2. ça fol ti mi? do me pasë kompleksin e Napoleonit apo si? ja do pushtoje dynjanë, po prapë do përfundoje në ndonjë ishull të shkretë e të ftohtë, si gjynof…:)

  3. Scary…
    Ehm, at exactly 5 ft and a size 8-10 (8 on a good day) I can only hope no one takes pics of my tush while on my way at work (Although I do appreciate pictures of someone else such as the one above. It puts things in perspective).

  4. …honestly , it might be a question of taste but I find her ridiculous 🙂

    I am sure she is having some pain while walking , and I am sure she is was tired already when you got the pic 😉
    A typical servant of what she wished to look in front other people.

  5. Yllo, po ti mi ke harru veten kur vishesh me cizme me taka, ngjyre e kuqe si vere Pinot Noir, veshur e pispillosur edhe fap e fap papparazzet nuk pertojne hic fare te te bejne i cik reklame 🙂

  6. Te pakten i ka kombinuar me canten. 🙂 Po ku te vene syte moj! Qe me mengjes me shkrap-shkrap ne dore. 😀

    Po bravo se te isha une s’i reklamoja dot ashtu si ajo, s’ma mbajne kembet. 😛 Shyqyr, zoti e ka kompensuar paaftesine time per te mbajtur kepuce me taka.

  7. une do kisha te njejtin reagim si ty se vdes fare per talkat qe mi çojne nervat ne qiell nese guxoj te vesh edhe per pese min. Rrofshin takat ne admirim (ha ha)

  8. Blete you do not really want to look so outrageous tottering atop spiked heels like a balloon on stilts that total strangers snap your photo from the behind and post them on a blog. Really you do not.

  9. lol max, i am a publicity ho, love to have my own paparazzi.
    mayhap i’ll post my own behind in red heels pic here. just for balance 😉

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