just another weekend

hurrah the birthday season started!
there is one birthday in january, two in february, three in march, none in april except hitler and my ex-squeeze (and since i don’t buy them gifts i don’t care), and then may june july august september are just a mad birthday marathon.
for ms L. we went to Djerdan, a great Balkan restaurant at 38th between 7th & 8th which i enjoy very much. furthermore they have raki there and albanian wine. yummy yum yum.
the thing is, what to get a beautiful bubbly blonde 24 yr old who has everything? champagne of course. so that is what i did.
the food was great, the people were fun, old and new friends alike. not even a smidgen of drama though.
then ms A came to town from LA. she is one of the most beautiful women i know. picture isabella rosellini with honey colored eyes and the perfect albanian nose. and an albanian/turkish accented english. so i dragged my cousin to her party with the promise to see other old friends, dragged my friend with the promise that there would be girls, and a recent acquaintance with the promise that there would be palm reading.
none came to be. unfortunately, for my friend it was “bring your own boyfriend” night at stanton social, my cousin’s old friend never showed up and the palm reading did not materialize because of the raki double shot I mentioned above. and it was packed. so we were all obliged to enjoy each-other’s company that night. and possibly a dish of banana boat baccalau puerto rican style.
and sunday i was a mucus factory again. you know one of those never ending nose blowers with a snout the size of a kamasutra ball, and a cough deeper than riggoletto. “riddi pagliacio khe, khe,khe” (i am the type of person who always has a song handy: want to scream: Butterflyyyyyy!, want to ask: nel’ora del dolore, perche perche signore,” and what not)
my triumphant mom was emanating “I told you so’s” from any possible place of her body, but there was nothing she could do. anytime i play, i pay the price.
anyway it was a fun weekend.


3 thoughts on “just another weekend

  1. Was in NYC saturday at midnight (last minute decision). Spent the first hour getting rid of saturday’s hangover, and the rest working on my sunday one. Up till 7:30 am. Meant to give my NY gang a call, but i my cel had DBS (dead battery syndrome).

    my b-day marathon month is usually march-may. Coincides with 9 months after vacation season. Those kampi i punetoreve rooms during the Dulla regime, and the much needed privacy they provided (as opposed to the “three generations at the same house” setting in the city) are responsible for a lot of our lives.

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