friday night party

friday f.b. threw a party. in true f.b. fashion, some interesting mixes of people were there, who as eclectic as they may seem, always fall under the same categories. first, the gracious host himself and his staples, such as the fashion diva with killer shoes and a lot of poses; the heavenly dark angel with the very flexible and long tongue; the foreverever famme fatale assistant just out of a silent movie (or madonna look-alike competition, take your pic); the hopeful photographers and eastern european models who smile at you very charmingly until they find out you are not 1. a talent scout, 2. movie v.i.p. 3. moolah ladden individual, then proceed to get drunk and dance to michael jackson’s “beat it” and “dirty diana”; the out of his element cousin, and of course interchangeable artists, models, phographers and lay men looking for a good time in the company of models.

and my best friend and I of course. I confess i am no better than anyone else, thirsty for beautiful people oggling and malicious delicious gossip, so i gladly go every time i am invited, even if i barely make the list.

well this time i actually had fun. and under the influence of only a glass and a half white wine i might ad. i do not know how i managed it, but i did. f.b. had moved to yet another studio, this one plenty of light and glass, and a good sized workroom. and i am happy to report, i left the bathroom intact this time.

we go and we have a good time. yet, for all the laughter and the dance, i can’t help but think about the heavy pretence people put up in such places, even when there is no need. and for the hours of delicious entertainment that gives us poor peons, who go home happy and energized, not understanding whether we enjoyed the show or were the show.

but to sit crooked and speak straight (if you won’t get this metaphor, please ask your helpful Albanian superintendent to enlighten you) every time we go, something interesting happens. this time we cornered an interesting visual artist who was not only talented (as far as i could tell from his iphone pics) but also a true gentleman, as he stayed with us ladies, posed for pics and chatted us up until words ran out and a pretty model passed by. but hey, we got our entertainment already and we are grateful.

check kilu’s art yourself at the site below, and if you are in nyc around June, don’t forget to attend his show. judging from the pics, it will be a feast of colors, shapes, lights and chakhras. what could you possibly want more?

ah yes, he is very cute.


7 thoughts on “friday night party

  1. I enjoyed myself at this party. I didn’t have a chance to speak to the pretty models e.g. Miss Universe and Miss USA, but still i had a great time visiting with the rest. I wish I had my camera with me so I could have taken some shots from the party. I used my bberry, but still its not the same.

    Mr. Kilu was really nice and very handsome!

  2. er, it looks interesting and i’ll check it out if i can.
    if for nothing else, just for the beer.

  3. Blete, Mendoj se s’e ke rrujt lesht e kuq t’furrikut tat, qe t’paska pelqy lesht e mr. Kilu.

  4. Me fal blete!
    Jo per gjo por s’shahesh ti, po te ket mendjen ai qe lexo.

    ps. e natrrova me te bletes postimin e tjetrit., e m’shkoj huq, po belles i falet.

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