Out of touch

i finally got me a new phone. i lost the old one, (with all the numbers in it) and got me a blackberry. mama’s got a brand new phone kiddies!

now don’t go thinking that i be calling you every day, because it simply ain’t happening. i got 5 different phone numbers and absolutely no desire to use them. dunno why. might be i’m tired of wasting my wonderful honeycomb of a voice and seeing no green back. i want me some of that green and i ain’t calling if i don’t get it.

but i got the blackberry. it is gold and shiny and it takes pictures of me in the bathroom. kinky!

i also finished my assignment up in North Carolina, and I will be back amongst the living in NY on monday. i been enjoying the rural life for three weeks now and it is high time it came to an end. one thing i am sorry to say bye too, men’s attentions. God bless those army boys all sweet as honey making me compliments and whatnot. and they look so good in their uniforms, not a belly or a flat tush in sight.

lately, the weather got hot, and driving to work, i got to see more than one energetic soldier running only in their shorts and shiny glistening sweaty upper bodies. it seems everybody around here has caught Matthew McConaughey syndrome. not that i am complaining of course. I’ll be happy until next assignment.

but it is time to go and get back to the drudgery of everyday work. i have to readjust my reality and get back to using public transportation. i actually miss using public transportation.

what was funny about this assignmen was that i came full of dreams of bettering myself, working out, cleaning my face and brushing my teeth twice a day, applying my makeup and blowdrying my hair every morning, and of course eating right and in general turning myself around. and i would finish reviewing, and write new stories, and update my blog everyday, and get back in touch with my friends…and none of it happened but i went on with life as usual.

it also made me aware that (gasp) i actually get homesick and miss my family. but hey, i am going to be back to discussing credit cards with my father and giving my mom trouble for straightening out my books in no time.

so that’s it. i am back still singing the same song. guess which?


3 thoughts on “Out of touch

  1. the same song.guess wich ???
    ..hmm kenga e Kadries perhaps..kinges se brrakes…??
    hajde dhe gezuar new phone..5 numbers in one?!

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