Dear Friend

Hey friend,
Thank you for your message. I normally never discuss politics and war, but with all that has been going on, it feels necessary to explain.
Yes I am Albanian, but from Albania, not from Kosova. However, we are all Albanian. We are all grateful to the US for intervening and saving our people.
Our history is very long and a bit confusing and it all starts a very long time ago. However, the short version is that after the Ottoman empire disintegration, ethnic Albania was the last country to declare independence including Kosova lands in Nov 1912. The grand powers of the world at the time decided to give Kosova to Yugoslavia then, because Albania was too weak. And they gave southern lands to Greece. Since then, there has been continuous war. Our southern lands were brutally, methodically and permanently cleansed, causing people to flee and almost forever close that chapter of history
Albanian Kosovars are more resilient.  Even though they have been persecuted, killed, and hurt in any possible way only because they would not assimilate. Just google and you will find the horror stories.
Nobody heard Kosovars plight through 50 years, not even Albania the nation. I guess we were too involved in our own dictatorship to do anything to help.
When Yugoslavia started disintegrating, Serbia stood to lose the most economically and power wise. So they fought with everybody, and everything and lost.
Losing Kosova smarted the most, because Albanian Kosovars were always considered 2nd hand citizens, usurping Kosova through their high birth rate and their Muslim ways. Even with all the cleansing strategies, Kosova is still 85% ethnic Albanian (conservative estimate). Unfortunately, Kosova is also very rich in minerals and other natural goodies that Serbia uses, with only minimal investing. The irony is that the war could have been avoided, if Kosova had not been systematically persecuted through the last 50 yrs. Everybody wanted peace and prosperity except the greedy governments. Unfortunately,  time has shown the ending of what Kosovars would go through, if they let Serbia rule them one more time. See even though very patient and peacefully protecting their rights, Albanian Kosovars gained nothing.
In 1997 thru 1999, things came to a boil. A lot of Kosovar Albanians fleed from their homes and took refuge in Albania, Former Macedonia and the US, while many men went to war over their land and people. You can read their testimonies all over the internet. If not for US and NATO Forces, a lot more people would have died, because this time Albanians were not backing down.
There were independence plans since then, but Serbia refused to come to an agreement. They have been stalling for 10 years, while not relenting an inch in their treatment of Albanian Kosovars. Before fighting Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, they had the support of a lot of European countries which truly consider all Albanians 4th class Citizens. America did not care until 1997. Can’t tell you why they took an interest, maybe to balance off Russia’s influence on Serbia, but for us it was very fortunate. They truly helped finish a war that would have been really horrible.
And by supporting Kosova’s independence now, they’ve made sure that it stays that way.
I do not think that this sets a precedent for Basque and Chechnya separatists. I do not think that Serbs are as bloodthirsty and as full of hate towards Albanians and the US, as they are pictured on the news. I blame most of what you see on TV on the dirty politics of war criminals who do not want to let go of their bloodied power.
I do not like people who give judgement without getting all their facts straight and I do think that this incident will help American people not to fall asleep again, and to understand that every little happening in the world impacts their lives too. See this is not happening in Darfur, Iraq or China, but in Europe, a lot closer to home than we imagined. Therefore I appreciate your inquiry a lot more than you think.
love as well
p.s. This originated as an answer to a friend’s email on what is happening now in Kosova and Serbia. Any historical misrepresentation and mistakes in dates and places are entirely my own, as well as the opinion expressed here.

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One thought on “Dear Friend

  1. “I blame most of what you see on TV on the dirty politics of war criminals who do not want to let go of their bloodied power.” – I agree very much so with this paragraph. Its very sad because the media plays a big role in the lives of so many people, and many times these people are the one that get manupilated by the goverment. Goverments that feeds the masses garbage as long as they get what the want. In the end, its the poor citizens of a country that suffer the consequences of their greedy horrible decisions.

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