morning buzz without the coffee.

i never really had a good relationship with valentine, not the saint of love, but the flashy antics and the sheep eyes people make at each other. i actually have a friend who has what i call “the in love” posturing. he has to circle with both hands the woman he is sitting with, and have the dreamy peaceful relaxed face in his eyes. nothing wrong with it, except i have a picture of him 20 years ago with the same posture, different woman. and of 5 years ago…and of last month. 

nothing wrong with it, i am just the kind of person who always catches these details. and possibly belive in valentine less.

(cue in the death metal melody of your choice. i have thoughtfully provided the lyrics)

don’t give in to the hype!

don’t send me roses today!

don’t wrap chocolates,

don’t think of what might have been,

don’t berate yourself for not taking a chance,

don’t blame your mate for being his/her self

don’t buy me red underwear

don’t confuse yearning with love already gone

don’t look in your coworker’s cubicle

don’t joke on somebody’s gaudy flowers

 don’t give eyelicks to shiny baubbles,

 don’t think of yourself as lonely and sad.

but yes, please call me tomorrow,

and we’ll make fun of the furious meat on the market.

and yes, Happy Valentine!


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