well, i am becoming quite rude lately. i notice this as a stranger tries to talk to me over the internet, one of those misguided souls that thinks badgering strange women with questions will get him the answers he/she wants, or whose idea of a joke is to “test” the waters and give me a hard time with personal questions.

see, there are several things going against you buddy:

1. i have been stalked a lot as a young girl, and my tendency is to run in the other direction when contacted by strangers that i have never met before.

2. simple etiquette. if you want answers, please start by introducing yourself and the reason you are contacting me, instead of asking about my marital status, bra size and size of nose. i am just not that into telling a total stranger the story of my life. and i almost never lie about myself, which is why i have to be careful about the questions i answer and to who. and oh yes, i will not strip for you on camera either.

3. don’t think you know me because of what you have read or heard about me. if there is something you like in my writings and wish to contact me, please email me or leave a comment here, but do not automatically add my address and then expect full entertainment. it is just not going to happen.

4. i do not like practical jokes. because i am overworked and absent-minded, i certainly do not find provocative questions, bad language, and generally what my dad calls “jokes without grease” particularly funny or interesting. annoyance will show in my voice or in my messaging until i know who you are and how did you get my information.

5. the “getting chicks with internet”schtick is getting old. see, i do not expect to find my prince charming amongst 22yr olds from Albania who are looking for a good way to spend their internet cafe time. that does not mean that i am a rude person or that i do not help strangers in need. but i am mostly able to assess a person in the first 5 minutes of conversation, and usually i do not like where it goes.

6. i have good internet friends, virtual kindred souls that i have almost never met in my life, but who i have long conversations with. you are not one of them. just as it takes a long time to cultivate a friendship in person, it also takes a long time to cultivate a virtual friendship. and there is no reason why that effort should be made for you. unless you look like Antonio Banderas (pre Hollywood era) and write like Terry Pratchett. and dance the flamenco. and hug like a polar bear. and buy me books every tuesday, and chocolates every friday. and do not mind my singing.

7. i have been bred with albo-lab toughness, baked with NY rudeness and polished off with Jersey madness. my indian name is “approach – with -care”. while i like attention (sometimes even crave it), i do not like some types of attention and will become very grouchy with certain people.

so this is it. as i fear rudeness set in again, i try to be more polite to the stranger on the other side of the modem but i truly cannot. there is no redeeming quality.


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  1. Bee, i loved this one, especially number 6 & 7. I can feel that you are frustrated but my advise to you is, do not bother with people that have no communication skills and don’t know how to even speak properly virtually.

    p.s. are we up for tomorrow (meaning today 🙂

  2. unless you look like Antonio Banderas (pre Hollywood era) and write like Terry Pratchett. and dance the flamenco. and hug like a polar bear. and buy me books every tuesday, and chocolates every friday. and do not mind my singing.

    B, kjo perkthehet, “s’paske pas i pik mYshir”!

    Happy Sunday! 😀

  3. Bleteza – You are very polite, respectful, and classy. It is natural that when you are confronted with someone who is the exact opposite, you will get irritated. You are being too polite and respectful by even honoring this guy with your time and piece of mind, when you really should just be ignoring him.

    If i meet somebody that looks like Antonio (etc.) i’ll make sure to throw him your way. 🙂

  4. oooh belle, we might have a problem there, girl. LOL
    sorry about today. it was cold and nasty up here.

    emigrant, what can i do? the heart wants what it wants and there is no mercy there.

    akull, you know how much english people “eat”. i was just venting my frustration.

    bimbi, gracias. likewise with penelope cruz.

  5. halle halle kjo dynja.
    Po mire mi, ate te fotografise jo, ket virtualin jo.
    Pse bahesh e tharet mi dreq:-)
    Just joking !
    Ce vret menjen blete, percille me te mire bezdisesin virtual. Se po ju ktheve me te keq, keta trapa e marrin si shenje per te vazhduar me tej. U pelqen jashte mase rudeness.

  6. Vetëm rudeness i sjell në vete më duket kët lloj “buddy”…
    Kam pase “fatin” të më bjerë në derë një virtual i prekur nga viroza e “pse bon sikur nuk m’do, se n’fakt ti vdes për mu, po ju shqipet s’e pranonin dashurine me te paren”. Mbasi u përpoqa ta përcillja me mirësjellje, pastaj pak me nerva, pastaj ia spamova gjithë adresat nga me shkruante, të gjitha këto pa asnje efekt, i futa nje t’mallkume epike me nota pop, dhe prej asaj dite ra ne qetësi. Qështu.

    O Man, ku je, se thamë (sh. mbretëror) se të humbëm përgjithmonë… S’e kam librin këtu, se pa ta bërë qejfin s’e kisha lënë. Ja shëndet!

  7. Bee, don’t you dare messing with my man 🙂

    np about yestarday, it was really bad. I still ended up meeting up with some friends celebrating my bday. This time i had a bday cake but no belle_fleur on it 😉

  8. mon po ti dukesh e zhdukesh ene e len nusen me ta mor “partixone”. hec mo se po ta qinis nji leter ashtu si di vet una ene ke per ta pa sa pakshume gjona du.
    moza e bona ban gjynofin e shkrete. ishalla nuk me del kusheri.
    ah mi akllo ma dergo ene mu ate t’shamen tate se mase m’hy n’pune. lol

  9. “unless you look like Antonio Banderas (pre Hollywood era) and write like Terry Pratchett. and dance the flamenco. and hug like a polar bear. and buy me books every tuesday, and chocolates every friday. and do not mind my singing.”

    po te jete ca i mençem kur ta lexoje kete do avullohet..hugs

  10. B, I don’t want to hurt your sensible souls in this blog…Por mendo një variant urban të mallkimit “O tu shkymtë drita, ty o mori hanë!”, me objekt “buddy”-n (jo hanën) dhe me variacione që kanë për “target” organet e funksionet vitale të njeriut, por gjithësesi duke e lënë gjallë në fund, jo se vërtetë të bëhet vonë, por që just in case mos të të vrasi ndërgjegjja.:)

  11. Blete greetings girl!
    Ku mund ta firmos kete PETICIONIN se e ke qendisur fiks fare. Madje do thoja qe nuk ka femer mbi 15 vjec qe nuk do ishte gati te bashkohej me komentet e tua.


  12. Lol
    Elais, nuk e nisa per peticion. But maybe you can post your own internet nut job experience. or copy/paste my answers for quick riddance.

  13. huh… u seems scarier that u look.so i will have my black cape town valentine and send u a photo,and this will help u introduce your black date to your granny. however,i will have a better assesment while in NY,of your above statements.
    ketu eshte vere e nxehte si ne albania dhe vtem per zararena punon mendja… happy st.v. anyway and careful with those chocolate flavored condoms…read instruction before use.
    what a black hot sun…

  14. clue, it takes more than a man in a black cape to scare my granny. even if you pull a britney.
    behave and do not scare the natives at least. happy valentine to you too, and careful with the edible panties. they can cause food poisoning.

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