Cannaries Put Their Owner in Jail

I could not resist stealing this from www.peshkupauje.comand translating it into English. Originally published on Gazeta Shqip, 01/31/08, in Albanian. 

This unusual story took place in the city of Fier (Albania). Three months ago, Naum Argjendari, the 61 yr old owner of a family owned cafe in Fier was arrested over several cannabis plants that had appeared in front of it. The cafe also housed 10 cages with 10 canary couples which drew angry looks from the owner’s relatives. According to them, the canaries were the reason that the 61 yr old owner was in jail. As the story goes, he used to buy bags filed with bird seed at a pet food store next to his house. When asked what did those 100 lek (local currency) bags contain, he said they were hemp seeds. He fed his Canaries those seeds every day, and the birds spread the seeds all over the cafe’s garden. After a few months unknown plants appeared amidst the man-tended grass and flowers of the garden. The cops who used to pass by the cafe every day, and sometimes stop for a cup of coffee, spotted the plants and immediately sprung into action, arresting 61yr old Naun Argjendari on the spot. The owner was let go only after two days, when the courts amended his initial charges.


5 thoughts on “Cannaries Put Their Owner in Jail

  1. hi hi hi, hu hu hu, ha ha ha!… really…

    the title stands better in english; i first thought it was the owner of canary islands (yeah, blame my poor english, but I’m sure I’m not the only one:))…

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