Could not resist this

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9 thoughts on “Could not resist this

  1. equally guilty, blete. the beer/bar questions were trick question. but it might be worth being this ugly dude if i ever become a filmmaker 🙂

  2. self i’m around, but really going around in circles. i find your writing very emotional, and my survival mode allows me only the mental for know. bllokade e imagjinuar, si i thone. madje dhe mentalizmat e zoterise me siper jane aq te bukura (perfytyro nje mandala ketu) ne plotesine e tyre sa marrin forme ndjenje. sot qe e lehtesoi doren vershuan dhe komentet.

    blete, thank you for believing in me :). the marubi film school might be the second best reason to go back THERE. i will let you know how it goes. i doubt it though. i don’t deal well with big desires.

    strangeman, i can only imagine selfmade in the editing room, cutting left and right, perfecting here, illuminating there; blete filming bodypart after bodypart, good road footage and of course … suspense; but i haven’t found a place for me. suggestions?

  3. Trop,

    ti je si Cate Blanchet tek “Lord of the Rings”, qe vjen tek secili nga ne dhe na fut ne diskutim me veteveten per ato qe themi. Ky eshte perceptimi im, edhe pse nganjehere t’a ndjejme qe ke hyre ne circle. Ju ndodh te gjitheve. Eshte janar, ftohte, bryme … edhe asfalti ka filluar te marri ngjyre te bardhe si hici.


    me, blete and trop are going to make a film about some people who made a buisness with killings and ended up either dead or fugitive. 🙂


    “so all albos are either drunk filmmakers or paid assassins.”

    Jo Blete, jo te gjithe albos: vetem ata albo qe terheq ti me mjaltin dhe thumbat e tu 🙂

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