walking in jersey

it is a cold day. the sun is shining with all its might, but man, it is freezing nails and saws out here. and i am the only person in the street enjoying the lovely weather. why do i do these things to myself, i never know.

because i want to take my mind off from my freezing nose hair, i start to think about the strange way jersey streets are set up. very unforgiving for your basic pedestrian who can’t drive and has no desire whatsoever to pollute the environment, but still has got to eat. how do they relate?

no commute <=> no work <=> no eat.

anyway, talking about jersey roads, i do not understand why the sidewalks are always on the side where there is no bus station. why do you need a sidewalk on the highway if you are not going to the bus station? do people wake up in the morning and say: “let me walk by that lovely highway today, on that organic sidewalk with its picturesque used rubbers and discarded plastic bags”? i don’t think so.

and then all local buses start working at 7.30 and stop working at 9.00 pm. the people who go to work 9-5 have cars (me being the exception that fortifies the rule of course) the rest of us peons who start working at 7 and finish at 10 need to take those buses. or walk 30-45 minutes to the interstate ones. through the crazy sidewalks that do not take you to the bus station but the gas station. possibly one or two people will use them to fill their containers and walk home happy, instead of filling up their tanks.

and then the “private” bus that takes the slaves to manhattan every morning, runs from 6-8 am. the return bus from 4.45-6.10pm? what the heck? you can work in manhattan but God forbid you have your date there as well. no, bad girl. only jersey boys good for you. you want manhattan, you have a choice of showing up for your date in timberlands or hiking for 30 minutes in your aldo shoes. (nope, not all girls can afford manolos)

and if the bus is full or it breaks in the middle of the road, you are screwed. i need to pack food, sleeping bag, extra underwear, makeup remover, bandaids and all the guerrilla gear necessary for surviving in the jersey wilderness.

these boots are truly made for walking, thank God.


2 thoughts on “walking in jersey

  1. nevertheless dear..waliking is good..so keep walking..it’s 1,5 year i go to work walking and i feel so relieved from istanbul’s terrific trafic..and that’s the best way to keep fit , if you don’t have time to go to gym you know..so think positive..muah

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