Braintied (in lieu of another apology)

It is always when I want to write something truly touching and multidimensional, with layers upon layers of meaning that will bring profound understanding and tears of exhilaration in the reader’s eyes, that I get stuck. All the serious thinking that sounded sooo intriguing last night on top of the toilet, looks absolutely rubbish on the page.

I mean the vampire Veronique who sucked the blood both from the perverted motel receptionist and her jerk blind date? It first appeared in my head a couple of nights ago, while I was taking a short break in the bathroom from all that intense IM-ing. (don’t ask who, because I have absolutely no idea). I could vividly see her dark hair and ample white chest while she was taking a shower and stalking her victim at the same time. All this while I was trying to pluck my own eyebrows and my dad was commenting: “You don’t need to do that thing, because I gave you the good eyebrows!”. And it is true, he did. But as my desire for plucking vanished, so did my lovely Veronique and her delicious dinner. It still gives me a zinger here and there but CAN’T WRITE A THING!

This morning, I had another one while putting on my makeup: a woman is made uncomfortable by the intensity of somebody’s attention during her presentation. He turns into…and that was it. It was gone, pouff, like a little uphill wind. All the perversions I could throw at it were previously described elsewhere, and there was no mystery, no drama, no “I loved you but you burned my good underwear and strangled Polly with them” kind of thing.

And now, as the snow stubbornly sticks to the naked branches of unprotected trees (I used to get A in composition, and some habits die very hard) my brain is giving up for good and it is telling my eyes to reread something funny. Maybe the captions of the Spanish telenovelas that have my mom tearing up. Porque Armandillo non me amas mas, porque? Besame un otra ves.

And Armandillo looks on silently at the multilayered Carmensita, while Concepsion is lurking behind the bushes and also weeping: Porque Armandillo, porque?

Nah, I’m gonna go to sleep.


19 thoughts on “Braintied (in lieu of another apology)

  1. I agree with your dad, he has given you the good and shaped beautiful eyebrow:)

    As for the rest, don’t worry about writing. Your thoughts and ideas are probably frozen because of the cold snowy weather in NJ, cuz down here I don’t see any snow.

    p.s. i like this new layout!

  2. pm, you know I can’t really stick with anything…
    akull, don’t tempt me. god knows she has to discover sex sooner or later…
    belle, you are always good to me. when are we hanging out?

  3. When my imagination seems frozen, i play the “what if” game.

    What if:

    things didn’t have to make sense
    humans kept the gills from our fishy predecessors
    i were a girl for one night. (also a bee, a bird, a fish, etc.)
    the civilized world ended today (no electricity, no communication, no transportation)
    I found the genie of the lamp and i had to come up with three requests on the fly.
    i were invisible
    we had no laws

    You’ll see, new things to write about start popping out of nowhere.

  4. bimbash, the trouble is, it has already been done before:
    1. gills, Dr Moreau’s Island
    2. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Victor/Victoria (and see an earlier entry about a friend of mine)
    3. The day after tomorrow.
    4. Gennie and Aladdin.
    5. The invisible man.
    6. Lord of the flies.
    So i think of that, and inspiration is afraid to come out.

  5. Bimbash, te kam thene qe te shof neper forumera e blogjera ? Me the -JO :)) Me mire eshte kur meresh me pune DJ-sh (unless I am confuzing you with some other Bimbash, and not the one that was killed by Cerciz Topulli either).

    Blete kjo ngjyra e mmmmmm…….. mbrekullueshme i shkon shume blogut tend. 🙂 Mbaje.

  6. yes, but unless you’re tom cruise, and you have the only car that works in the whole world, and somehow there’s space for you to keep going on the regular road undisturbed, even though there’s destruction all around, and somehow these aliens have to have legs, and some sort of a head, and sometimes eyes, and a mouth, and two nostrils just like ours, and look like we’d like aliens to look, as opposed to (uh, let’s say) a cube that doesn’t talk or walk or want anything to do with us or destroying NYC, and want our blood, semen, women, and god knows what, and somehow, even with their superior intelligence neglected to calculate the whole blood and immunity thing… well you get the idea, Bletebzz’s scenario of the end of the civilized world might be much different, involving and interesting. There are so many things i’d do differently in any of the above “What if” scenarios. And just because there might actually be a couple of people in the world that are thinking the same thing, it doesn’t mean you can’t write it.

    Since you were so good at hartimi, write a hartim with the tema:

    “If things didn’t have to make sense”.

    I can guarantee you, this should get your imagination going. you can write about anything, ANYTHING. nobody will question it, because… because there is no because. you cant ask why you’d be a hazelnut with a squirrel’s tail and wings that come out of your nose, which btw has 6 nostrils, and the sky is made of strawberry pudding, but yet you can walk so much faster through it, but not unless you have brown glasses on… your second tail…. and so on and so forth. Just asking “why” defeats the theme of the composition. There is no why. IT just is, and IT is great.

    Try IT. Nobody has ever written whatever you will write. I guarantee it.

  7. Aha ketu me paske pare ore? Ah, shoku Sali. Me gjete. As mua s’po me punohet sot. 🙂

    Po ky nuk eshte peshku pa uje. Ky eshte blogu i Bletezes. Sidoqofte u regjistrova tek peshku, po skam pasur kohe te shkruaj gje deri tani.

  8. hey, be nice to each other kiddies.
    bimbi, you should write a novel that does not involve tom cruise, working cars, chicks on chicks or on aliens, aliens destroying cities, cities destroying writers and other things that are dreamed up in hollywood.
    i am not eating any funny ‘shrooms right now so i write what my brain serves up for imagination.

  9. Une u habisa ne fillim… po edhe kshu shume mire po me dukesh (blogu), vec ua ca ndryshimi.. menova se kisha ngaterru blete…

    Sa per frymezimin… duket se si te gjitha bletet ke probleme me te ftohtin 😀

    Vazhdo pra me mjaltin rezerve… mos me thuj qe nuk ke 🙂

  10. hej, si tha njoni, pune qejfi kjo e shkreta, tani “s’na ben me kallami”…. 😀 😀

    s’jom prek hic pri ksaj, as mos prit naj simpati pri meje… mir t’bohet, c’ke me tema horrorr ti, … superintendenti IV, pooooo, …. a naj gjo ne linjen e “in the arms of …..”; mos u merzit pra, se kur shkrujm ne neper blogje, tha ai (dmth kur kendojme ne neper dasma) mban vesh nje milet i tere…. 😉 😀 … m’ka kap keq me filma shqiptar sot B, pashe “Flutura ne kabinen time” dhe tani ne sfond kam Halit Beratin (merret vesh apo jo… 😀 😀 )

    happy MLK day, ju te NYC!

  11. i think that’s the reason i love your posts just don’t force yourself.

    but of course i sympathize with aklli on you bringing us “superintendent IV”:)

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