He said

I’ll let you in my room

but you must tell no one

not a soul not a flower nobody must know

or you and I are done

He said

I’ll shoo you into my world

but you can’t touch a thing

musn’t move about or the whole you’ll distort

and cut love’s own string

He said many things

but of words i heard none

just tasted luscious lips

drunk of their bittersweet nectar wine

until light unveiled all the lies.


11 thoughts on “

  1. Hej bletez! Shume e bukur. Ke nje S teper tek “loves’s” dhe tek vargu i fundit, lexoje me ze te larte bashke me tre vargjet qe vijne perpara, hiq “the” nga “the fibs” duke e lene vetem “fibs”, lexoje prape me ze te larte, dhe ne qofte se te pelqen genjeshtra ne kete drite, ruaj ndryshimin.

  2. ajo loves’s qe thote Luliani qendron; verejtjet e tjera s`me duken me vend, vecse do thoja qe te hiqet “and” ke vargu i parafundit; pastaj ndertimi i poezise qendron.

  3. i just changed some stuff around. hopefully it sounds better.
    my problem is that i can’t write poetry. i normally just get a beat and the first two verses and then try to patch it up the best way i can.
    and it is usually about you don’t love me but i love you nonsense.
    i think i need a hot christmas gift.
    thanks for the input. it really helps.

  4. Oh I think it sounded great going in the only minor off key was the word fibs, which to me sounded too soft and forgiving for the underlying meaning of the poem.

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