Sad day for the world

Well, the end of the year is not nice to me!

Terry Pratchett has Alzheimer’s.

Who is going to write the books I can’t wait to read? I always hold my breath until his next book comes out. Seeing “Making Money” on the shelves made me as giddy as a schoolgirl after her 17th kiss.

What will I spend my money on when his books stop coming? What will I laugh with? There will be no more people in the subway looking at me like I was off my rocker and inching their way out of the seat.

Ah the world might as well end with global warming. Because with no laughter, there will be no other releases but gaseous ones.

Still waiting for his next book though!

For the uninitiated, please read below:


5 thoughts on “Sad day for the world

  1. oh lexojeni se ia vlen. po mos prit mendime te thella filozofike, vetem nje parodi te forte te botes ku jetojme.
    i love him, love him, love him.

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