friends with the white wine

dunno what possessed us to order white wine. i guess we were all tired and wanted to wind down. but the waiter was so cute. and the wine was so cold. and i was flashing my cousins, who before accussed me of being a prude and not showing my boobs to them. the truth is, i think i look better with some clothes on, but hey, who was I to disappoint my cousins? so i flashed and they (and the homeless guy at the lamppost) were very happy.

the waiter was sexy, too, in that blue eyed irish manner with sexy thighs and a tight butt. oh, but he must have had a difficult time with four women of all ages sizes and haircolor just sizing up his buns. i think that is why men make women sexual objects, because men cannot take it themselves.

we kept the wine flowing, white cold, fresh and frozen, it was a gift from Gods. i enjoyed it mucho, and when i came home, i kept bumping into my parents who reconned into their room, scared for their life. i mean there was no pretense there. i was drunk and they knew it.

but white wine is good. never liked it until now. it can be fresh, it can be innocuous, it can come with a cute waiter full of male hormones, and it can drive you to sing along to french disco. (is there such a thing as french disco?) love me you rich white californian wine and make me dance.

women should not be allowed any money or any liberties. a woman on wine can win a war just by kissing the general of the enemy army. a woman on wine can sleep with the saddest, most hormonally changed male and make him feel so good, that he invents another Microsoft in the morning, while she does not even remember his name. a woman on wine can pay her own bill and leave a tip for the sleazy waitress who flirted with the boyfriend, then dump the boyfriend and sleep with the chef of the restaurant. a woman on wine is ready for a soap opera.

with white wine, there is no black teeth. breath is sweet and peachy. kissable is one mouth away. pleasing is priority. love is a lot of bubbles. song is a miracle. dance is a reality. and everybody goes home happy, even the ones who only had Red Bull. besides it is nice to get drunk when you are surrounded by cousins who will not steal the last buck from your wallet, and who can flirt with a cop until he forgets the fine.

and then there is bumping into furniture and oblivious sleep. dreams are sweet and mouth does not taste like a sewer.

yes, being drunk on white wine is so sissy, it becomes sexy as hell, almost like a dyke on makeup. yummy.

ouch i jsut banged my head to the keyboard. nighty night.

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