The superintendent II

She heard his shuffling steps in front of her door as he let himself in and started to make some coffee. He went straight for the bathroom, dragging his tool bag behind, not even acknowledging her presence. She could hear him banging and cursing to himself, while she sipepd her hot coffee. Damn, was he breaking something? Todd would have known immediately if he was. She decided to walk over and check out what he was doing.

She first saw his rising and falling back and straight legs. Well, she thought, he is not all that bad then. he was laboring with the plunger and some other long thin metal thingie over the bathtub, and cursing to himself in that strange language of his. What was it, Armenian? Albanian, Romanian? One of those countries, anyway. That Russia was so hard to keep track of. States were falling out of it faster than fake boobs out of Agnes. She chuckled as she remembered the poor girl always trying to push up her tube top, and refix the fake boobs without anyone noticing. She never had that problem, thank God. Her boobs were not only big, they were also high and bouncy. Todd loved seeing her on top. That skunk. Her face clouded again, as she remembered him and their never-ending fights. Ah, screw him.

The super was done. He got up, a plastic bag in his hand full of dripping gunk and hair.

-Hairs, -he said -You American voman always shaving, use shitty product to vash hairs and look! Like devil!

-Well, I have to look pretty for my boyfriend. – she said petulantly. -What, your girlfriend in Russia does not shave?

-I, not Russian. I, Albanian, OK?

-Whatever, – she murmured, wondering why his face got so red. Like there was a difference anyway.

-And girl must cook, clean, no shave hairs all day.

-No wonder you have no girlfriend, -she said nastily.

-Oh, yeah? Vere your boyfriend is? Huh? This, this man job, he should do. If no cook, man no stay, but no shave legs, sometimes OK.- the little poem seemed to crack him up, and he started chuckling, and shaking his head.

She opened her mouth for a sharp retort, but instead, a big moan came out, and then the tears. She started crying and shaking uncontrollably, with the super right there in the tiny bathroom, holding the little plastic bag full of gunk in his hand. He was staring at her openmouthed, not knowing what to do, not daring to move past her for the safety of the hallway, not even speaking up. Finally, he reached out with the other hand and patted her bare shoulder.

-It OK, It OK. -he murmured, which seemed only to make the situation worse. She doubled her cries, and then leaned on his shoulder while still leaking like a bust-up faucet. She could feel his rigidity and discomfort, but she could not let go now. He was the only support she had, and he was so right so right. She was such a loser.

Something finally jolted the superintendent alive, and he started pushing her gently outside the bathroom, through the tiny hallway and into the living room couch. He sat her down carefully and then sat himself down and waited for her to gather herself. He must have thrown away the plastic bag with the gunk, because it was not in his hands any more. She finally collected herself and disentangled from him.

-I am sorry, -she murmured, still heaving. -We broke up and I…

-It OK, it OK. -he said. -He is big idiot anyway, because you is very pretty. Like flower. You find better, serious man, you see. Even if no virgin, he marry you.

She smiled inspite of herself and felt a little better. He did not look so old or so crazy anymore, and his blue eyes were circled by less wrinkles than she though. He did indeed have a very smooth skin even if deeply lined and sunburnt. She wondered what he used to shave, and then imagined his face when she asked him. That would be a hoot.

-I go now, OK? I come back later, get tub cap to put in. Old one damaged, I put in garbage.

-Yes, – she said and rose with him -Thank you, and again, I am sorry about the tears and everything else.

-Ya, ya, OK. Go sleep. He is bastard. Vant I beat up for you?

She was tempted to say yes, but then shook her head no. The superintendent gathered his things and left, and she plopped right there in the lumpy living room couch and fell asleep. Later at night, when she woke up and went to the bathroom, she discovered that he had already been in and had fixed the drain cap.


26 thoughts on “The superintendent II

  1. What, no raping? Ahhh…I’m disappointed! And what do you mean that she is not a virgin, but she will still get married? She won’t. Good girls only do it with their husbands. Shame on her if she had sex with someone who wasn’t gonna be her husband!

    Seriously, this was seriously funny. My mental superpowers tell me that there is going to be a sequel. I hope there’s gonna be some raping there, or at least some plain, old-style, commonly-agreed-upon, boring sex. Don’t let me down!


  2. yes, akull. I am not done yet. There is a third part, although I am not sure you will like it.
    Strangie, who ever told you old-style sex is boring?
    I’ll see if i can conjure up some raping for you.

  3. Nobody told me. It is a conclusion of experience. This is why I’ll get married when I’m dead..or I’ll be dead when I get married.

    (…kidding, I want at least four children…, and a dog, and a parrot that says MoFo… and BBQes…and visiting relatives with fake teeth and shitty gifts…and the like)

    Rape! Rape! Rape! Rape!

  4. A rape would be actually a good thing, because the Russian, Romanian, whatever(hah), being not refined may misunderstand the signals of pure friendship that sends the girl and thinking also that “no” is a piquant “yes”, rapes the girl. O Strangie, çfarë idesh ke dhe ti…

  5. Akllo, it is not the rape in itself that I’m interested in. It’s some action, some anarchy, some kinda twist in this girl’s life. I mean, there’s gotta be more in her life than some clogged tub and an ex-boyfriend. I mean…if she doesn’t get raped by this multinational unlocker of dark canals (the metaphor is strictly intentional) she should run to him and ask to be raped.

    …or you meant my ideas about getting married and leading a dead normal life, or a normal dead life, or a normal life dead?
    Oh, I do believe in marriage, I just don’t believe in marital sex, hence the fact that I really do want all those things that I mentioned earlier,… but sex…that’s such another long argument…


  6. If you don’t believe, you’ll never have it Strangie. But may be you’re right not to believe, all those married men who run after every woman which is not their own wife, there must be a reason… Anyway, actually I was talking about your idea of the rape, as it made me follow with a variation… and me, no violent at all…:)

    It will take me a while to forget your “multinational unlocker of dark canals”.:)))

    good vikend!

  7. I’m stuck at work on a weekend waiting for folder permissions to apply, so why not read bletebzz…

    Ok, I’d like to second Strangeman’s request for a rape situation. But I’d like it to be the woman who forces the unwilling super to have sex with her (one way or another).

    Bletebzz, how would a girl go about doing that? And in general, we want more female sex fantasies. If the lonely woman doesn’t rape him, at least have her fantasize about it. We had enough sweet romanticized descriptions, and yes, we all enjoyed them. But for once, tell the obscene. Not just noticing the skin, and the eyes. There’s no way that’s where it always stops for a girl. I understand that one might not have a sexual urge all the time, but at least once, go all out. I want her to get so f*ing horny she’d hump on anything that has a heartbeat. I’m talking about fully fledged sexual urges, fueling vivid sexual fantasies. I want details, texture, sounds, pressure, movements, heat, sweat, odors, in-depth constant psychoanalysis, thoughts, emotions, flash-backs. I want a real female sexual fantasy. No censorship.

    For a man, every situation is good for a sex fantasy. Be it romantic, or violent. Any girl or woman could activate our animal instincts and whatever we can’t do right there and then (strip and f* a pretty, cute, beautiful, hot, average, white, black, asian, Indian, train commuter, coworker, manager, neighbor, cousin, poster girl, hippie, goth, teacher, nurse, cop, firefighter, bank teller, lawyer, preacher’s wife, your friends mother, a widow, a singer, flirty apprentice, homeless drunk chick, squirrel, and such…), you do in your fantasy. Sometimes it gets almost psychotic, and scary like being on discovery channel, getting on all fours, battling your rival male (female) contenders, clawing their eyes out, and finally dragging your prize to a more secure secluded location where you proceed to jump on her while still breathing heavily and looking around with a menacing grin for attacking rivals, with pumped sweaty muscles, and not stop until you’re satisfied, and you’re certain your gene has spread. Granted, all the porn we watch doesn’t help either.

    So bletebzz, there’s a challenge for you. Think about the waiter with the tight aerodynamic ass and let your imagination run loose.

  8. that the obscene is presented here as 1)rape and 2)outdoing the competition (apparently the animal in us), shows merely how much our minds have been castrated by, as bimbashi aptly points out, generic porn, which for me equals ‘i’m so lazy push my button make me come’. the obscene remains the ultimate foreign word we don’t understand, and by we i mean all of us, all nationalities, all sexes. because we conform to stylized ‘obscenity’…. unless that girl eats some of the gunk (much more acceptable conformism).

    i am particularly surprised by bleta’s consideration of ‘adding a little rape’, though i’m pretty sure she won’t.

    bimbashi, search as you might, search as we females might, it is not an easy job to produce female sexual fantasies that have not been shaped by male-oriented erotica and porn… it is still a challenge to uncover the female sex. and i really, seriously doubt, that our truthful inner urges involve any strap-ons.

    bleta i almost forgot, well-written, though i definitely want to read more layers. compliments for your mastery of english.

  9. Nah, nah, nah. Very disappointing!!!!! I personally know women with sexual fantasies you wouldn’t believe. They don’t repress them, and are perfectly comfortable with having them, and talking about them. They fuel their fantasies and in some cases eventually live them.

    Bletebzz – I wouldn’t ask to read about your fantasies if I felt inadequately prepared for the experience.

    Tropizma. You are generalizing way too much. All nationalities, all sexes?! Stop! If you’re having a problem with the word obscene, please consult a dictionary. Someone defined it and millions read it, know what it is, and in most people that are old enough to read this blog, probably experienced the concept first hand.

    I bet bletebzz’s fantasy is fully capable of giving us something juicy. There is no porn in the world that would top that. If YOU are too repressed to allow yourself to have fantasies, you should avoid trying to imply that it’s impossible, and by doing so, labeling all other females who do, as a “freak”, or smth.

    I saw a very interesting documentary on this just yesterday on IFC. There are brave male/female directors and writers that have depicted in such vivid detail, strong, and sometimes, gross, obscene, repulsing sex related subjects, like rape, fetishisms, necrophilia, pedophilia, homosexuality, transsexuality, bestiality, and various other sexual behaviors and fantasies that the human brain is capable of whipping up. Stuff that would make you vomit, and leave the movie theater. But it is real. Someone thought of it, and in some cases it was a woman. And no matter how much you deny it, it’s there. Out of nowhere, it manifests itself. Walking down the street. Watching a couple being all lovey-dovey with each-other. Animal instincts rattle your cage. I just can’t believe it’s just men, or some men, or even some women. Intuition tells me all women and men experience them to some degree. Some more than others. But I was just interested in Bletebzz’s ones, channeled through one of her characters. She will put a disclaimer in front of the story rated R, so you shouldn’t read it if it bothers you.

    Bletebzz, you don’t have to, and I understand you don’t want to shock or lose your readers, but all I’m saying is that I would really appreciate and respect it if you chose to write about this, and I also think it would be a welcomed fresh original content for your blog…. Or you can just e-mail it to me. 🙂

  10. Ju përshnes!

    Alarm! Alarm!
    Moral Police is coming.
    And they gonna strike you down.
    And they gonna tell you this is wrong
    and that is right.
    And this is black
    and that is white
    Hide your dildos stop the fun
    It’s Moral Police! Hide! Run!

  11. Tropizma,

    male and female …they work together in sex (not always but mostly).

    I agree with bimbash: don’t be afraid to have fantasies, and if you like to live them go for it! Obscene is only the word obscene! If both (or more) parties agree to get involved in a certain ritual, then why not. I wish them fun 🙂

    Blete, what I liked about this piece is that you played with people’s excpectations 🙂

  12. Well, the discussion between tropizma and bimbashi requires separate attention and it is better if put under the needed context.

    Obviously, not every one shares the same views when it comes to the obscene or the perverse.(The words obscene and perverse here are not to be taken as judgemental toward those who view these as the norm).

    This is Blete’s blog, and if she feels so, she might as well describe her own; attempts to yank her one way or the other seem futile. If the esteemed co-writers here feel otherwise, they might as well describe their own fantasies and/or experiences. I know blete usually asks her visitors to give opinions etc on how she should develop a story, but other than that, she has her own imprint of literary values and emotional circumstances.

    As per the discussion itself, and without wanting to balance between rightfulness and wrongfulness, it seems that our need for gratification, or better said, constant and immediate gratification at that, takes the latest form of a communal approach in the sense that it seeks to spread out and become the “new standing ground” (or should I say, the laying ground, no pun intended) as a common denominator for a “new-found” identity. E.g. we are all “obscene and perverse,” we all share the same fantasies, and thus we should all act accordingly…

    I have nothing against fantasies, however “crooked” and perverse, and also I have nothing against gratification, no matter how immediate the latter needs to be. I have smth against its CONSTANT dimension that many of us seek to establish. In my opinion, it has debilitating ramifications, psychologically and physically. Without wanting to sound inclined to morality per se, I nevertheless believe that we need to function, individually and altogether as a society.

  13. Bimbash et al., me paskeni keqkuptuar. Une nuk po moralizoja kunder ‘pislliqeve’, perkundrazi. Ajo qe po thoja une ka te beje shume me normalizimin e perversitetit qe permend losti ne fund te komentit te tij. E dicka amorale qe behet norme per mua futet brenda moralit (mgjs ku moral i ri mund te jete gjeografikisht i kufizuar, psh brenda qyteteve te medha). Dimensioni debilitues i ketij normalizimi nuk me kishte shqetesuar, mgjs flm losti per idene, po une shqetesohem per dicka tjeter.

    Ajo qe them per gjithe kombesite e gjithe sekset ka te beje me kulturen. Une e shoh the obscene si diametralisht te kundert nga animal instinct qe permend ti, per mua behet fjale per dicka krejtesisht njerezore dhe njerezore ne sensin qe ka nevoje per rregulla ‘te pastra’ me menyre qe t’u kundervihet me papastertine e vete. Shihe psh si antonim te baletit klasik – me te njejtin kompleksitet, mgjt paaftesine tone per tu marre me shkeljen e rregullave me po aq durim. A little rape here, a woman mounting the water pipe there, is part of the instant gratification (danceclub moves) that keeps you from the ballet.

    Sa per fantazite e mia, te Bletes apo te femrave te tjera, perseri me ke keqkuptuar, por per kete nuk dua te te jap sqarime sepse nese nuk me kuptove heren e pare veshtire se me kupton heren e dyte. Ajo qe me argeton eshte hamendesimi yt se une qenkam ‘repressed’.

  14. I think we should organize an orgy. And discuss all of this while we are naked.

    Anyone up?

    Seriozisht tani:

    Në debatet online rrallë ndodh që të diskutohet seriozisht për ndonjë gjë, për arsye që do të duhej shumë t’i rendis (anonimati i diskutuesve, shanset e mëdha për keqkuptim, etj.). Me këtë dua të them që sado dikush të derdhë idetë e tij/saj këtu, nëse nuk përfundojmë në sulme personale (siç ndodh rëndom, po jo si në këtë rast, ku diskutuesit më duken tepër të qytetëruar për ta bërë këtë), rezultantja e debatit do të jetë e vakët. Sugjerimi im për përdhunim, që me sa duket e shkaktoi bisedën, kishte thjeshtë përmbajtje ironike dhe synonte një përgjigje nga e zonja e shtëpisë a ndonjë tjetër me të njëjtën monedhë.

    Debati mbi këtë, mua personalisht, më duket i tepërt dhe rëndues i atmosferës.

    Megjithatë, ky mbetet opinion personal.

    Kërkoj ndjesë nëse u fye ndjeshmëria e ndonjërit (megjithëse disclaimer-i i Bletës në ballinë e zgjidh pjesërisht merakun tim).

    Me respekt,

  15. Ok, Tropizma,

    une te kisha keqkuptuar. Te kerkoj ndjese. Thelbi i te gjithes qendron aty ku e the edhe ti qe pervecse instikteve animale qe i kemi ne natyre, ne kemi edhe moralin e qenies sociale qe i ve kufijte instiktit. Dhe eshte mire keshtu sepse na garanton stabilitetin tone personal dhe ate te shoqerise, sic tha losttext.

  16. Yet again, I find myself seconding Strangeman’s suggestions. A naked discussion followed by an orgy would surely allow us to make better headway in this discussion. 🙂 Kidding… Really?! Really!

    Kesaj rradhe po e ndrydh edhe une orgazmen time celebrale, per ti vene kapakun ketij muhabeti me kaq shume keqkuptime. Mos t’ja monopolizojme blogun Bletebzz.

    You guys have a nice weekend. Une jam prape ne pune. On a friggin Sunday goddamn it! Por po bej ca leke extra, keshtuqe ofroj roundin e pare te drinqeve pas pune. 🙂

  17. mmmmmm…

    so if you don’t believe my words… i wonder if i should believe yours… and reject the orgy idea… but that sounds too prudish of me


  18. mono, play nice, otherwise no more marital goodies for you! 😉
    I promised to myself that this blog would not go past pg13 rating a long time ago. haven’t quite managed to keep my promise, but prefer to keep my “erotica” under wraps for now.
    per ju qe e mbani mend akoma gazeten “eros” ne shqiperi, i kam shkruar nja dy tregime per te qe nja 12 vjet perpara. nuk e di ku jane tani.

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