Aida Bode

I was very happy to see that Aida has a blog. She is a published author with a wonderful spirit fragile and strong at the same time, as only a true Korca woman can be. Her book site is also featured on my blogroll

Please check her out and read her stuff. I like.

p.s. she is also responsible for the hysterical jokes several of you receive from me every day or so. Be nice and she might send you some too.


8 thoughts on “Aida Bode

  1. blete, a nuk do ishte mire ta vinim tek blogu “lidhjet shqip”. A mund ta kontaktosh autoren dhe nese eshte dakort, te na besh nje prezantim te blogut te saj – me dergo te gjitha me nje mail dhe hop. Nderkohe per çdo blog qe zbulon/i me shkruani se ne keto momente nuk kam sh kohe .

  2. Hey BleteBzz,

    You’re so sweet! I mean, of course you’re sweet, all this honey making here, no wonder 🙂
    I like what you’ve done, though I do wish you published a picture of yourself, even a tiny little one.

    Tetena pa problem fare mund te me shtosh tek lidhjet shqip. Faleminderit per interesin dhe konsideraten. Ma do mendja Bleteza do te te jape infot e tjera qe do kesh nevoje.
    Te fala ne kuq e zi,


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