the trip

hola! i flew in from san francisco tuesday, holding on to the armrests for dear life and trying to think happy thoughts. i do not know why, but since i have developed a fear of flying lately, i have also invented a whole little routine, which i do every time to ensure a safe flight. i cross myself three times (i have good luck with crosses even though i am not Christian) as the plane starts liftoff, and i pray for a safe passage if there is the slightest airbump. i read riveting and gripping books during the flight, and take benadryl, hopping for a quick knockoff. don’t knwo if it works, but i am still alive and writing this. (so go ahead, try it if you need too, and tell me how it went)

anyway, i just wanted to say that i did indeed leave my heart in San Francisco. I almost thought of moving there too. this city is truly beautiful, even when covered by the fog in the morning, or hit by the wind at night. there are some steep hilly street, and i saw one guy riding his motorcycle downhill in the middle of all the tourists. what a showoff!

their chinatown is great, bigger and better than the New York one, but their union square is very small. their prices are higher, but our rents are higher too. they were very polite, even if some had an attitude, (but next to my bronx ‘tude they did not stand a chance). the men paid more attention, at least to me, and were more forgiving of my earthmother figure. maybe the seals on pier 39 had something to do with it. very loud and very smelly creatures, but strangely comforting with their big bodies and wise eyes.

the translator’s conference in itself was very big and very distressing. i was the only albanian around (1500 people!), although i did get to see a man in a qeleshe halloween night. i ran to him full of hope, only to find out that the qeleshe was given to him by a friend, and it was the most exotic item he owned, so he decided it would be a good halloween costume! my outraged face must have scared him, because he took it off there and then.

i would have been terribly lonely, but i was adopted by these 15 wonderful spanish speaking interpreters, which took me everywhere they went and taught me the meaning of “pendeja”. it seems that it does not mean gay as i once thought but merely “bitch” or bastard. and it is different for venezuelans and for puertoricans. good to know.

they gabbed away in spanish most of the time, and i was happy because i could almost follow what they said. pretty soon i’ll be able to curse in spanish too. they were also very shrewd shoppers, bartering with the old chinese jewelry ladies and pushing jade bracalets back and forth until a satisfactory price was reached and plastic was swiped. they talked the cable car conductor in charging us only once, and made a celebration out of his decision, making him to fully extend to the whole 5 feet of his height. he was the sultan of the car (men are so easy!)

i bought the most heavenly wine made out of chocolate and blackberries, celestial chocolate and massage oil that smells like peppermint. oh it was a fiesta in the hotel room. i had a king size bed all to myself, and i could peek at the golden gate bridge in the afternoon. and i had my laptop with me  and as many credit cards as my wallet would hold. (i’ll have the heart attack at the end of the month, thank you very much)

of course, the reality hit as soon as i got back, with my oldest patient dying, and my job in shambles. can’t quit right now, though i gotta pay the san fran bills. the city by the bay, made my money go away.

but yes, put San Francisco in your  list and enjoy.


13 thoughts on “the trip

  1. seems you’ve had a great time! glad to hear.pls always write down such experiences of yours dear..

    p.s: a kane nevoje me adoptu femije tjeter ata spanjollet:D

  2. E lexova Blete, e lexova… asnje gje me leng nuk kishte brenda… me qe ra fjala tek vererat, sic thote nje film i vjeter “Ne Kalifornia nuk behet vere, aty behet leng frutash”, po “I digress”.
    Pashe qe qenkemi ne te njejtin llagëm haleje me financat. Ashtu si ty dhe une, fale cmendurise se fundit te stock marketit, e gjej veten “minus” nje rroge vjetore te nje puntori mesatar. Nejse, qellimi nuk eshte te qurravitemi por te te shpegoj se sa me fat jemi si une dhe ti qe shqetesimet tona kufizohen me financat. Midis minutave pushim te pjeseve te ndeshjes po shikoja nje dokumentar ne HBO per ushtaret e kthyer nga Iraku me gjymtyre te prera. E kur shef djem e vajza te asaj moshe pa duar e kembe (e pa organe riprodhuese) nuk mund te mos thuash “Po c’tu desh mor rrot kari” e mepas te kuptosh se sa te vogla e te parendesishme jane shqetesimet per paret.

    Heres tjeter na shkruaj ndonje gje per te qene.

  3. eni girl, they had a big heart, short hair and were all post menopauze. it felt like i was hanging out with a cooler latin version of mom. sure they’ll adopt you too.

    division, can’t decide whether you are trying to make nice or get the upper hand. anyway, i am choosing this as make nice.
    p.s. to this humble person’s opinion, lengjet kaliforniane ia vlenin te piheshin. but when you get your own french chateau with wine cellar please send me a bottle of the “real wine”

  4. yes yes… apparently it is a humble opinion….

    You guessed right that was me being nice, figured you deserved it after you put up a nice warrning and managed to write a whole post without any vile crap in it. Keep up the good work, I will be around to encourage you, and should your writings improve “why not” send you that bottle of red wine, even though I dont own that cellar,……. yet.

  5. Une po vdes me ik icik ne SF. Ne fakt nje shoqja ime sapo levizi atje nga NYC, keshtuqe SF eshte ne listen time per vitin tjeter.

  6. I have discovered your blog a few days ago. I must say I have read most of your posts and enjoyed immensely. I love the way you write, and that self interview felt like someone was interviewing me and I was revealing my inner core. You have made me laugh and have made me sad. Great blog! My office mate must think I am crazy to change moods like this (it’s only been two days from discovery :)). Dhe vazhdo ne anglisht – it has purpose and meaning. And it probably makes you feel good/relieved.
    Jam e gezuar qe te zbulova.

  7. po m’leni bre rob t’kqinj me mor pak amore!
    mamole thank you thank you thank you. i never know how to take a compliment (still squirming in my chair in fact!) but i am happy that you like me and my slightly askew world view. you are always welcome here for a hand of muhabet. 😉
    belle, mos ma hidh fajin mu, se nuk ta don tallaferja me punu. lol, puc puc.
    i’ll be in astoria sunday night. up for some fun?

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