Back Again

Yay, I can blog from work again! It is sucha  wonderful feeling to give way again to all the perversities that come to mind during work hours. (whoever doesn’t get perverse thoughts during work hours is either a cyborg, a plant, or works at an S &M club in which case perverse thoughts are a requirement, therefore perverse no longer. However, I can only imagine the dominatrix going: “what a load of crap! how I would have liked to replace this naked jelly butt with a computer screen and check out my medical school test scores!”)

But in short, I am back to being free to do what God intended, sit on my butt the whole work day long and pretend i am working. And I get to sleep at night.


6 thoughts on “Back Again

  1. belle, me duket se vertet e hengra veten me sy, nuk i kam as te bardhe…Eni, sorry to disappoint, stil cut off.
    Al, me marrsh pleshtat e kembeve.

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