Why NY Albanians will never vote for Hillary now…

And I was truly rooting for Hillary too. Now I’ll never get to have a woman president and Bill will never get to chase DC interns again. What did this poor guy do, be proud of a pic with Bill’s daughter?

Clinton In Restaurant Row


NYC eatery told to remove window picture of ex-president’s daughter


 SEPTEMBER 26–Bill Clinton is threatening legal action against a Manhattan restaurant if it does not immediately yank a photo of the former president’s daughter Chelsea from the eatery’s front window. In a September 18 letter to Osso Buco, an Italian restaurant in Greenwich Village, the ex-president demands the removal of the five-year-old photo of his daughter and Nino Selimaj, the eatery’s owner. The picture, which is in Osso Buco’s front window, is among scores of similar photos displayed throughout Selimaj’s University Place establishment (as well as several other Manhattan restaurants he operates). The offending Clinton-Selimaj photo can be seen at right. These kinds of a-celebrity-once-ate-here photo are, of course, a staple in the windows of hundreds of Manhattan restaurants. The “Dear Nino” letter, which is on “Office of William Jefferson Clinton” letterhead, was authored by Clinton counsel Douglas Band and contends that restaurant’s display of the fading snapshot leaves the impression that the 27-year-old Chelsea, a “private citizen,” endorses the restaurant. If Selimaj fails to comply with the removal request, the letter notes, “We reserve the right to exercise any and all options available to us.” (1 page)

Original story: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2007/0926071ninos1.html


14 thoughts on “Why NY Albanians will never vote for Hillary now…

  1. have to, unless the Clinton clan reconsiders and allows poor mr. Selimaj to keep his pic. besides, if they order him to take it down, who knows where it might end up. all in all, it is best to let him (actually order him) to keep it up on the wall.

  2. but you have to guess , that Hillary will kick out that sucker( Bill) sooner she enter the White House!! She is hot , dont you think :p

  3. Did they ask her permission before putting up her picture? If not then it’s a good thing he will get his ass sued. And most Albanian-Americans wouldn’t care at all about this non-incident. Albanian-Americans tend to lean towards liberal. Because the conservatives, mostly hate immigrants in the first place… So yes I think Albanians would vote for Clinton in droves!

  4. Mire, me mire. Nuk po votojme per Hillin. Po ne lajmet qe po shikoja une, ky palla, Nino (Nuredin?) hoqi foton dhe vuri letren ne vitrine!!! Me nje fjale: Kujt i bo xhibla ti o ish-president? Muve?
    Ah, katunari i shkrete. Nuk e le inati! Na ben te gjithe ne te dukemi nurseze.
    Edhe dicka tjeter. “In all fairness”, Chelsey nuk eshte person publik/celebrity. Sic nuk eshte vellai i Hillaryt apo nena e Billit. Keshtu qe H&B kane plotesisht te drejte qe te mos duan foton e se bijes ne dritare te restorantit.
    Nino te mos bezaje, por te harxhoje ca leke me shume per kostumet “sleazy” qe vesh.

  5. NYDC – 29 e tetorit, 2007
    Nga burime te sigurta prane departamentit te Shtetit, na vijne lajme se ne sheshin perballe restorantit te Selimaj Nino, pati protesta te organizuara nga Chelsea Clinton, Ariu i arrixhiut, Cheeta e Tarzanit, dhe Tigri i Sandokanit.
    Protestuesit, ne nje proteste te qete dhe paqesore, hodhen parulla si : “Mjaft me abuzimin e imazhit!” “Ne nuk jemi per t’u shitur” si dhe dogjen nga nje cigare, meqe nuk kishte asgje tjeter rreth e rrotull.

  6. @ITS you’d think they vote democrat but no. the majority of Alb voters are republican. beats me why, possibly because they aspire to share the same “good old boy” mentality with people who don’t give a rat’s ass about them.
    as for the chelsea Pic, there are a lot of pics in the walls of NY restaurants, not necessarily of celebrities, but of people the owner likes or feels honored to pose with. it is a NY tradition. no permissions have been needed until now. I just think that maybe poor owner forgot to pay his presidential campaing contribution or made the mistake to charge one of clinton’s crew for lunch or something.
    even the AM newspaper had something on this story. funny ain’t it?

  7. Ah, sa mire ja kane bere Ninos (ne fakt Nikolinit). Kjo foto duket me spec, nje vajze e re (per me teper e presidentes se ardhshme) ngjitur me ket rrangallen e alpeve. Kushedi sa do jet merzit Hillary qe ai s’voton me per te. Tragjedi.

    P.S. bletez, flisni nje anglishte te kulluar.

  8. Duda, Thank you for the English Comment.
    sa per kete lajm, m’u duk i padrejte gjygji dhe njekohesisht me nxiti kureshtjen, sepse ketu dihet qe pronaret i mbushin restorantet plot me foto te tilla e nuk u thote njeri plac.
    unless he masturbated on it, i do not see a reason for the lawsuit.

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