Work Crisis

i came to work today, to find out that everything was in turmoil. the ladies were running up and down like chicken without heads and our boss was mumbling to herself more than usual.

‘d’ya hear?’ my coworker, source of information and ball of volupuousness as she calls herself, asked me as soon as i made eye contact with her.

‘no, what happened?’ i said, worried that i was going to have to collect my weird belongings and be moved wherever administration’s brightest minds decided i’d best serve the organization. they did it twice to me before.

‘mrs. XXXX has gone AWOL. she moved out of her apartment and nobody know where she went.’

oh boy this is trouble. i try to remember mrs. XXXX lovely pruney face surrounded by the bright mustard yellow hair piece, and her pitch black painted in eyebrows. and her red red nails and toes. didn’t i just see her yesterday?

‘did you ask her boyfriend?’ i inquire.

‘well, the police and the adult protection people are questioning him, because they suspect financial abuse.’

see the boyfriend is 25, and the lady herself 76.  she fished him out of one of her quick trips to San Juan to “recharge” as she called them herself. i piece together the surreal story which tells me that the guy allegedly appropriated her social security checks and used the rent money to keep himself in style, so December Juliette had to move out of her apartament and go into a very cheap one room hovel without leaving an address with us or her boyfriend.

our comments are loud and crude, because what else can we say? this story tops the one with the passed-out hooker in the bathroom, or the one with the 85 year old man in a wheelchair and his 45 year old bride who was his aide, or the story of the man with his own cockroach colony in the dining table. or the hoarder with 100 meal-on-wheels packages stuck in his closets. two marriages and one engagemend where all the spouses were over 80 are tame by comparison.

there is a question going through my head. what can she possibly do at that age? singlehandedly save the baby oil industry from bankrupcy? images go through my head that i do not really have a stomach for.

but at least she tried. she looked for true love and dared to have it even at the cost of her social security check. i mean possibly the memories of those months will be enough to warm her until her dying day. because she won’t have any money for a heated apartment. what would i have done? would i have really stretched my heart that wide and my body even wider for fresh meat like that? oh who i am kidding? i am a carnivore.

‘i am telling you girl, don’t count me out at that age.’ my voluptuous coworker says and moves her eyebrows suggestively. ‘don’t count me out yet. besides, come on what else is there to do with money at that age?’

yeah, i can see her point.


51 thoughts on “Work Crisis

  1. It’s bizarre that some people never learn, and continue to look for “love” in all the wrong places. I probably am guilty of the above too, up to a certain degree.

    But to not know any better at 76 years old, is simply ludicrous. Sound like this woman made a lot of mistakes in her life, and this one just tops them all off.

    oh, well, c’est la vie…

  2. its, its, its, where is the fire? don’t go serious and soul-searching on me now. point is, would you make out with a 76 yr old woman?

  3. eeeeuuuuuu, that doesn’t go down on my throat even after the whole bottle of water.
    Who is born a whore will die as such, I would say in this case for both parties.

  4. Nah girl, do not be so quick to judge. Just remember How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

    i am already writing in my mind the story of Carmencita, the late bloomer who only found love at 76 years old, alienating the family and friends, in particular her favorite granddaughter who gets married to Hernando’s (loverboy) best friend Carlos. At the end of the telenovela, granny Carmencita gets married, while Yolanda (the grandaughter) gets divorced from her thieving cheating lying husband.

  5. Blete those pretty stories as Carmencita or “pretty women: happen only in books or movies not in this real life….In this life the story above just reminds me of another trash story by trash people. No real love or elevated emotiones there, just a story where money & sexs doesn’t allow any rrom for LOVE. As I said eeeuuuuu

  6. Dje, kjo pune!… E meqe ra llafi ketu tek dashurite, sakrificat etj etj. Doja te lajmeroja rreth e rrotull se kjo historia ketu poshte anipse nuk ka lidhje te drejtperdrejta me historine qe na leciti Bleta, duhet te merret si nje perfundim i mundshem i saj. Thuaj shyqyr qe s’i ka shkuar mendja your December Juliette-s, thuaj!

    The Associated Press
    Published: Wednesday, September 26, 2007

    A Malaysian court sentenced an Indonesian woman to prison for six months for almost severing her husband’s penis out of jealousy, police said Wednesday.
    Umidah Setu, an Indonesian migrant worker living in Malaysia, pleaded guilty in court Tuesday in the southern city of Johor Bahru to voluntarily causing hurt, said Che Yussof Che Ngah, deputy chief of Johor state’s criminal investigations department.
    Umidah, a 47-year-old canteen operator, was arrested Sunday after her husband, who is also from Indonesia, filed a police report claiming she tried to cut off his penis with a knife, Che Yussof said.
    Che Yussof said the man, whom he declined to identify, received 11 stitches(!!!) after going to the hospital on his motorcycle for treatment.
    Che Yussof said the dispute surfaced because Umidah was jealous of another woman, but he declined to elaborate on whether the man had been having an affair.
    The couple have been married for 17 years and have two children, the New York Times newspaper said.
    Muslim men in Malaysia are allowed to take up to four wives. It was not clear if Umidah will appeal the sentence.

  7. haha

    pse te mundohem me e kap mer, tha ai qyqi, une hipi ne peme. Na ka hik mosha e vrapit ne mer daje. Ene hapin, ja ashtu, kadal kadal.
    ne fakt ke te drejte ti, ne ket mosh, e ka kush e ka luhet mer,se ene syt na kan lon- edhe ajo pytja se kush e ka, bohet e sinqerte, por me nje ton tjeter.
    Aman mer kush e ka, kush e ka..

  8. o blete, po qe e ke gjet mi. Corn flakes me qumesht ene mjalti nga me i miri. Qe t’i kemi ca gjera te qarta: Mos e ngaterroni Patroklin me chetra andej kendej, se ju skuq ju bej me boje…

    Mono, mos na sill llafe me ere ketu, ne sy te Bletes, se bohet nomi. e c’ke me Bleten, thuja ne sy mer jahu, thuj e vlla “k’shu k’shu” leji kto “but besides all the intercontinental long shots ky blogu jot osht botnor”.
    Ej ju bej me dije se Patrokli po lezon nje poet perandorak, hmm si te thuash Konitza dhe TS Elliot two in one. R. Zekthi e ka emrin.

  9. man, i try to write seriously but i know that nobody will ever pay money to read me. besides i know i am not cut out for serious things, more terry pratchett than milan kundera. and of course, i have noone to help. it is a cutthroat world even here.

  10. Gjak e tru thuaj 🙂

    nuk po e lexoja ne internet, por kam librin e tij titulluar thjesht :Poezi

    shih c’thote Mjeshtri: cdo njeri qe te do me shume ne kete bote, te do pak me shume se te tjeret.
    Vetem se Rudin eshte veshtire ta lexosh me tuta.
    Eshte impenjativ, i zymte dhe i rralle njekohesisht – kur e mendoj nuk kam lexuar askurre askend t’i ngjaje. Eshte si te thuash Kundera lirik, ose ana e kundert (pjesa e siperme e fantit mac) e dickaje mes Benigni-t, Kutelit dhe nje kelyshi qeni te lagur, qe merr fryme.
    Nese do te gjej kohe, do te te dergoj me e-mail disa poezi.

  11. Bukovskin se kam honepsur dot kurre. Me ben te dyshoj ai njeri.
    Perballe Henri Miller-it te themi, ngjan kaq i mjere.
    Krisma numer 1: Fjala “i mjere”, Blete, shpejt shpejt shpejt, me cilen fjale ben rime, (pervecse “i permjere”)?

  12. nga Il’basan ose Al Basan … qyteti i bukur me duket…
    ej, po nga Elbasani mi blete, gjithe gjerat e cuditshme ia kemi hua Elbasanit. Vica me tre koke, gjela me dy bishta. Madje kur e mendoj, ka shume mundesi qe edhe simbolin e flamurit ta kemi nga Elbasani.

  13. i mjere.. i pandjere.. i nderprere..
    dy Kambere ne nje dere…Fushate promocionale per dy punesimin. ora vazhdimisht 2 pa njezet ne Atdhe.

  14. Mono mos kopjo mono, se ngel ne klase.

    Allalla o rezil allalla shtroni rrugen me hithra e shtog turfanda…
    Ua me ka hipur nje frymezim qe cte te them. Do e kem nga corn flakes. Edhe thashe me vete. Rri mos i perzje me Rudin, se do na besh ndonje procke.
    Zhvish rrobat e skllaverise o Blete e re, vish rrobat e shpise, se ke ata qe ke… :S

  15. arsimi eshte rritur, kemi 2% growth rate of sth. 27000 studente ne shkollat e larta, do bejme konvikte per shkollat e mesme qe te mbyllen ato qe nuk kane nxenes, ju duam shume ju te diaspores, po bejme namin me luften kunder korrupsionit, kosova do ta marre pavaresine se do amerika dhe kroacia pavaresisht se rusia thote jo, mos harroni ti shtrengoni doren lul bashes, falemnderit shume.
    beme dhe nje foto edhe u ndame te kenaqur. a ndoshta ishte efekti i veres qe piva.

  16. do te dale se shpejti. po ehde une ndoshta postoj sot ndonje gje ketu. kam qene ca pertace keto kohe
    ndixhixhin nuk kina, se sna le pronari billdingut po kina kanace.

  17. notne mir ka Patrokli ier.
    Duet me shku neser dada ne pune, blete te kam shkru nji imell, “ta hash me ke te doje zemra”, si tha ajo e Vitorise 😉

    Mos u zini me njoni tjetrin kur te hiki une.

  18. Ndjesë që po futem i paftuar në bisedën treshe, po nëse ke ndonjë gjë të Zekthin (ke ose keni), do t’iu lutesha ta postoni diku në një vend publik. Nëse e lejon Bleta, këtu, në mos, ku të doni, por publike. Zekthi në internet ka vetëm ca tregime shumë të shkurtra. Poezi 0. E kam gugëllu nja 3-4 herë dhe nuk kam gjetur kurrë asgjë më shumë. Atje te foleja (E7E) egziston një kopje e librit të tij (jo për shitje), por sa herë që shkoj unë e ka marrë dikush para meje.

    Ju përshëndes!

  19. Po më ra në dorë libri i Zekthit (ai jo për shitje), jap fjalën e burrave (dhe grave, për par condicio) që do ia hedh ca poezi për lexim dhe shijim kolektiv.

    Edhe njëherë përshëndetje!

  20. Rud Zekthi poet gjeni fare. I remember Hatibi used to look up to him and admire him back then. Nuk e di si jon gjonat tashti, dmth c`ka botu naj gjo te re Rudi, po mbaj mend qe ka qen tipi me jokonformist qe kam pare ndonjehere. Shume poete te asaj kohe them se merrnin prej Rudit, por po te lexojshe ca, metaforat u bojshin cip mi cip e s`kishte burre nene apo gjyshje qe i zgjidhte… Kur isha ke qoshja e Hatibit vjet per vit te ri harrova ta pys per naj krijim te Rudit, po te pakten mora Republika Albanania te Vinit. Strangeman, po gjete naj poezi te Rudit, e ke siklet lale me na e bo forward ke, please

  21. Popullit te pagjume te habitatit te Bletes BZZ

    Ju flet Patrokli!

    Marr persiper te dergoj neper adresa e-maili poezite e Rudian Zekthit nga libri i tij “Poezi”. Per abonime, lenie gratis e-mailesh, kontaktoni Losttexti eshte i ditur meqe e paska lene. Te tjeret te na bejne me dije.

    Per falenderime, nuk ka nevoje.

  22. Patrokël, sinqerisht të falenderoj për poezitë! Nëse në nodnjë mënyrë mund të ta kthej kënaqësinë që më dhurove, bëma të ditur, pa hezitim.

    Edhe një herë faleminderit!
    Të përshëndes!

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