Bill to:             You                                                        

Ship to:           Same

Itemized:         Infinite minutes spent alone                

                      Charged candles burnt in midday                

                      Torn drawings and broken pencils

                      Frustrated phone messages

                      Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

                     Wasted dreams and discarded clothes

                     Unfertilized eggs, flushed every month

Subtotal:       Staggering

Deposit:       Two nights of delights kisses and Bliss

Balance due:   Zero.


12 thoughts on “Invoice

  1. Well, your invoice seems fare and square. Very correct. No room for misunderstandings. The recipient should be satisfied with it, I guess. Eni is right, you should make the most out of deposits! 🙂

    Të përshëndes!

  2. this is from long ago. i used to do order entry and billing, and this is what came out instead.
    i just posted it here to take a break from the dhermi story. and because i screwed up my checking account again. can’t balance it to save my life.

  3. Makes two of us! I hate to balance my checking account. Thank goodness that i have a good memory and i know how much i spent and how much is still there, otherwise i would be in big trouble.

    Cheer up!

  4. Mos tju vije keq fare goca se une jam accountant dhe se kam balancuar ndonjehere llogarine time.:D
    Po ama asi qindarke s’me lun vendit se e ruj si syte e ballit. 😛

  5. lumsi ju
    llogaria ime shkon jo vetem lart e poshte, por gjithashtu majtas e djathtas, bile ben lambaden me kredit kartat e kursimet (HAHA) pa e vene re une.

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