Your Hand the Caresser (Find the Author)

I have always been a bit weird when it comes to hands. I love to watch them, study them, read them, touch them and possibly enjoy them with a nice glass of Chianti and some fava beans. (just joking).

Point is, I was very happy to notice that I am not the only one who goes gaga over them.

Read below, enjoy and do not forget to find the author. And to get a manicure.


Your hand the Caresser is pale like wax

Your hand the Caresser emanates snowlight

When it felt the pure magic of your hand’s delight

My soul, the inspired, rose straight to the max

Its palm was concocted by magic most high

Its palm was concocted from wind oil and wax flour

The moon gave its gleam, the stars golden powder

Stunning to my eyes, ai girlfriend’s hand ai

I gazed at your hand, why did I get a frown?

Why did my eye well up and admonish a tear?

My girl’s hand most pale, most peaceful, most clear

Bespelled me and left me with eyes cast down

Your endearing hand, that touches me just so

Your hand that extends over my sleeping misses

Your hand: your heart broken forth into five pieces

A hand again to stop me, and I fear it might let go


8 thoughts on “Your Hand the Caresser (Find the Author)

  1. the flakes of bees, the motley earth,
    The severed lives of silk and year of girl
    That flush our variegated day of her
    And we will make a locket against wrath.
    Then stone defend the sting of us from us
    And steel and the sterile earth bulk from the wreath
    All our careful keeping of this past
    When blood in passing shook the passing heart.
    Let no man see that passing of the sun
    From mouth to mouth, and if any learn
    What arabesques the dervish dust attain
    In his long crawl to dancing, tell him none,
    Or what rest have the staggered, gravid soul,
    The kiss of rain awake the petiole?

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