the MIS department has decided to come down hard on us poor peons and restrict all internet access to strictly business sites related to healthcare. it is so unfair! i can’t chat, i can’t blog, i can’t write, what am i going to do during work hours? (if somebody suggests work, they better go hide now!)

they do not understand.  i only go to work so that i can get bored and start writing stuff down. i am at my best creatively when the boss is breathing down my neck and i am on a deadline. the procrastination instict kicks in and i write, correct, translate, criticize, banter, flirt, squeeze my pimples, calculate, balance my check book and surf the net while speeding up the project until i burst the sonar limit and finish gloriously one minute before deadline. how am i going to do that now?

how dare they? granted i am not paid to surf the net, but that is how i maintain my edge, create my relationships and keep my brain from going to the other side of the sanity spectrum. and it is not like i have been surfing for porn or even dating (they were restricted a long time ago). i do it for the sake of knowledge. i mean how will i find out whether Britney  Spears has bared her boobs again? what about answering a particularly smart comment in my blog? i have to do it as a guest, which is disgusting. a guest in my own blog? what is the world coming down to? 

i still have my own computer of course. it is just that between my dad, my cousin, my other cousin, my sister when she comes to visit, my neighbor’s son and me, the poor thing never gets any rest at all. it is always bending back and forth, creaking ominiously, overheating worse than a soldier on leave and crashing every two days. and i get sick when my Bear gets sick (so what, some people name their thingies, i named my computer).

my creative flow is cut. now i have to go back to emailing myself everything that comes in my brain and deepen my poetry vault, which we all know it is not a good idea. or i should date one of the MIS people. let’s see, there is the married one, the really really wheezy one and the incommunicado one who is chinese and speaks in code. yeah, poetry vault it is.

aie, voe is me! if they restrict peshku too, i am done for. just stick a fork and serve me for dinner because there is no more cooking in this oven.

well maybe i can take up chair yoga with the rest of octogenarians.


7 thoughts on “Restrictions

  1. Oh sad to hear ’bout that..I do understand you..It’s really terribile.I can see this in myself as well.If I haven’t a look at those these sites , just can go on :)But don’t worry cause it’s not bad to note s.t down and interpret it later.We’ll be at your bar all the time, so your oven can’t be closed!I restrict it:D

  2. looool; well, I am one of those ppl that was going to say “you’re not paid for surfing around!”…. and thought better start hiding.. 😛

    anyway, after reading your whole post, I think I may understand you, not at all thou.

    circumventing this “ban” is a little tricky; not easy nor difficult; it depends on how good is your network administrator. the ban maybe inclusive or exclusive, means

    1. you can surf only certain webs (inclusive)
    2. you can not surf certain webs (exclusive)

    most of network admins use inclusive methods; and this is the most difficult to circumvent.

    but in both cases 99.99% tends to use domain names, not resolving IP’s (A-tags) If this is the case, than try to open the hosts file on your PC (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc) use notepad to do this, and add after the last line:
    “” (without quotes) — this is the example for peshku
    save and close the hosts file

    this with works on most cases

    But, if your NetAdmin is good, but I mean very good… than is the case to try different domain name servers (OpenDNS in example). If he/she is very very very veryyyyy but very good, than you definitively will need “external help”; means someone outside that can setup a proxy on non-usual ports. than the last case; in which your Net Admin maybe a “military drop-out” than there is no chance circumventing this ban. put your soul in peace cos’ really there is no way. those ppl don’t have a life outside their cubicle, so you can reach peshku (in ex) the first time, but after one min there is no peshku anymore. they ban in real time.

    Lastly, if the ban is exclusive than just use a web proxy to do all your stuff. there are so many outside; try this first:

    shpresoj te te ndihmoje sadopak, edhe pse sic e thashe ne fillim personalisht jam i mendimit qe “orari punes – pune; orari qefit – qef!” 🙂

    provo njehere dhe na njofto ketu se sa ja dole mbane

  3. I feel bad for you, blete. I see myself go crazy if not for my albnians sites.
    I that happens to me i would go to look for another job…there are plenty out there but I would recomend you the jobs that are related to businesses online(internet co) are very easy goining, no restrictions of any kind 🙂
    Good luck

  4. But i have four weeks vacation, and sick days, and I like old people…
    Ehh will try the sneaking stuff from Beni. We sheall overcome.
    As for the surfing while working, I am a woman, I can multitask. Actually I am better when I do that.
    And yes, I won’t bother sum.
    Thanks y’all for the consolations.
    beary hugs all around.

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