More on the effin Albanians

seems that my back has been appointed Albanian Complaint Department. yet another complaint was lodged there, this time on the #12 Bronx bus, full of aromas and noses from all countries. i was seated and reading a book (one of those pink affairs with half naked men on the cover i confess), when:

“i am fed up with that apartment. the area is good but it is falling down in pieces djy know. the super knows how to fix nothing. he don’t do nothing. he don’t know nothing. hell, he don’t even speak english. you go there, you complain and he shakes his head and do nothing. he’s Albanian. yeah an effin Albanian”

that of course, caused my antena to rise. the voice was this terrible loud drawl that must surely have come from one of the Bronx stereotypes, the tank top, tan, and made to the nines 40 sth year old woman. and she went on and on for about 6 stops:

“the guy who done all repairs fell sick and is not doing nothing djy know. the super just stands there and mops and cleans. all he does is mops and cleans.  so we’re holding back as many rents we can. waiting for an eviction notice. ye ye… but he speaks no English man. only Albanian. and he has these three sons living with him. the oldest one is my age, djy know. what’s they doing living with their father? something weird is going on there i’me telling you. but they’s keeping him on djy know. why they got an Albanian super there for? ye, couldn’t stay in the apartment. there was nothing on cable so i took a bus ride. i’m getting off in Fordam, man, chill. don’t you dare hang up on me, i said…”

the trail of her monologue hung in the air several minutes after she had left. short squat crazy, she was nevertheless right in several levels.

a lot of Albanian men are superintendends in the Bronx. and they do not know English or superintendenting. they know how to fix something here and there, and their wives clean the whole day long. their children of course have to live with them until they are married off and sometimes even after they are married off. their world does not much mix with that of the residents of the building they serve. and the key word is serve. many Albanians take on two and three other jobs because they do not get paid for the super job or get very little money for it. and free apartments of course. they do not see why they have to answer the crazy demands of the loud inhabitants. if these inhabitants happen to be Albanian too the situation is even worse. Albanians do not complain to or about Albanians. yes the sink leaks, the toilet does not flush, the bathtub is blocked and that stinkin super never showed up to fix it. but they can’t be the cause of losing the man’s job. what will the other Albanians say?

there is a lot of diligent supers as well, who do their job very well and get respect from their inhabitants. their whole family works to keep the building in shape, the wife usually dealing with the residents, the husband fixing corners and the kids helping with cleaning and recycling. but they are overshadowed and sometimes evein vilified by crazy and unresponsible supers.

anyway, i was mostly caught by surprise at a second revelation of another Albanian stereotype. yes, there are a lot of other Albanians in a lot of other professions, Medical and Finance being two fastest growing fields, but yet, we are known by our Superintendents and Wise Guys. As long as one starts to discuss their super and says, “he is Albanian, djy know,” there is no more field for discussion. enough said. ever. i must stop now. really. nothing more to say. i am serious. done for. bye-bye

if you are still reading, you must be an Albanian super as well. 


14 thoughts on “More on the effin Albanians

  1. Blete,
    I read the whole post and I am not an Albanian super:-). I would have no idea what a super is, let alone an Albanian one in the Bronx, had it not been for a relative whom I met 2 months ago in NY. Actually I thought the angry lady was indeed speaking about my cousin. His profile fits perfectly with the “speaks no English” and “all he does is mops and cleans” part. How stupid of me to think that there is only one Albanian super in NY! It makes perfect sense for an immigrant (of any nationality) to hunt for a job like this, the free apartment being more than sufficient a reason. What I don’t see is: why should an Albanian super be any worse than a Non-Albanian super? If this is a rule written in stone, than the (likes of the) angry lady and her family can suit themselves to an e.g. Chinese super and be happy until the next time the sink leaks and the trash is not taken outside and he don’t fix nothin. Luckily for them, there will always be buses and unfortunate listeners.

    All the best

  2. di, you have a point there. what really struck me was the stereotype forming in front of my eyes (or behind my back as the case was). my purpose is never to offend hard working albanians, (my sister’s husband is a superintendend) but to bring overheard information which illustrate my idea above.
    and to tell you the truth, i haven’t met a Chinese super yet!
    gj.c. your answer deserves to be the motto of all albanian supers everywhere…god bless.

  3. ooh do not get me started. i have been trying to convert everybody, including my friend’s dog bella who slobbered all over MEN AT ARMS.
    Nice to meet a fellow Terry Pratchett Fan.

  4. yes, there is ONLY ONE Albanian super in the Bronx they say… He keeps all the jobs simultaneously, he needs the money, although not to pay the rent (new urban legend?).

  5. For us that do not live in Bronx can you please explain what does “djy” stand for?
    And what excitedly do you mean by “super”?
    Anyway this “complaints” about albanians coming from that corner off the earth, should received as a real compliment…Honestly i couldn’t care less..

  6. i do think we have the beginning of a beautiful urban legend here xha xha.
    leon “djy” is the way our bronxites say “you”, possibly an albanian would say [xhu].
    “super” is short for “superintendent” or building maintenance professional. because albanians are willing to work for less and are handy with hands, and are cousins of the owners, they are often employed as supers, even when they know no english and have no idea how to maintain a building. also, they work another job usually, to keep the family fed so they are never there when asked. the landlords take advantage and do not repair anything even when called, so the supers and their english is always blamed anyway.
    i am happy that you care enough to participate. the rest is up to you.

  7. Leon-san, I have a surprise for you: this corner of the Earth is full of Albanians… some of them supers, some not; but Albanians all the same. Now, it’s also true that we have a beautiful Zoo here, but let’s not digress; because the animals in the Zoo have not picked out their place of residence by themselves – but Albanians have! In other words, believe it or not, we’ve got a small Albanian thing going here, with the rest of the world watching.

  8. Hey xhaxha!
    The so call “complain” come from non-albanian regarding albanians!
    So i understand anyway. Therefore i repeat, what someone says on a bus in Bronx about Albanian’s should be ignored…. Anything less will be a failure.
    Blete i will recommend the same to you…However is up to you to follow my advise.

  9. Sa per sqarim, there is another Gjergji lurkin around, i still wrote down that moto though :D. And I also came to give the usual praise to the daily coloumn(s) Sa per dendesine e Shqiptarve ne West Coast, ketu ne qytetin tim shqipja esht gjuha me e folur pas spanjishtes.

    Terry Hatcher, Men at work.. oh man.. I was watchin I hate my thirties yesterday tek VH1…. no more comments 😦 😛 😀

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