green eyed monster


after a very sleepy sunday, spent languishing and surrounded by vapors of the previous night’s beer, i am finally enough alert to type again, (with my fingers, not with my nose)

we went to “beer garden” again this past saturday. beer gets me head fogging drunk. so do the fizzy drinks with umbrella and impressive names. can’t have any “sex on the beach” “screaming orgasm” “nipple tweakers” or “slammers”. “sea breezes” hit me in the head, and “cosmo’s” always end up on my shirt. dunno what i can enjoy out of life, except straight up vodka (no ice or i become violent), and red wine that gets my teeth black and my eyes sunk.

but i did have beer. it was so cute fetching it back and forth from the bar, sauntering with one big pitcher in each hand and smiling at the increasingly inebriated eastern european expats. i even made somebody’s night because his elbow touched my chest:

“whoops -he said and tried not to woble – i touched your…skin”

“yoohoo – i said. – put it in your calendar” and sashayed away with my beer. prety cool huh?

when i went back to the table, there were two plates of yummy grilled sausages (naa sallami i diversantit!!!) and good friends. and i started thinking about jealousy, the green eyed monster.

now, whenever i think of jealousy, i picture that scene from “moulin rouge” when satine goes to meet the duke, and the argentinian tangoes with mimi, while the poor writer is having his heart torn out.

“jealousy, will drive you maaaaaaaaaad!- the argentinian screams -while he bends and twists pliable and yielding, but treacherous mimi to the sound of a tragic “roxane”. it is pretty sexy and exciting. all i feel is numbness. and a bit of shame, that i am in the talons of the green eye monster and can not seem to break out. even if i like wallowing in my pain.

how would my tango tableau look? a mad girl in a slinky gold mini dress with fringe spiky stiletos. she twirls, bends, slithers, clings and glares with the intensity of a fire, while the object of her affection humors her craziness without actually implicating himself. partners come and go, snake women, and lion men, and temporarily interfere with the dance. the girl dances away and then dances close again, always escaping and always being humored by her main partner. she is still hoping. then another woman enters, a sleek fox in red and her partner is forever lost. dimmed lights and the gold looks tarnished as the mad girl immerses herself in the gushing crowd of men, then comes out and dances around the two, dejectedly and increasingly angrier. the green eyed monster is leading.

not sure yet how it can end. reality is much less exciting. all the suffering but none of the drama.

anyway, “beer garden” was exactly like the plaza at the UT of Tirana at night, so many years ago, where youngsters met, guitars and accordions were brought out, and unintellible words and dances were invented by people only buzzed enough to enjoy who they were hooking up with.

oh yeah, they also have free czech movies on sunday nights.


3 thoughts on “green eyed monster

  1. Just don’t tell anybody in America that accordions are so popular in Albania. We are the butt of the many jokes as it already stands. Don’t need to give them anymore material…

  2. green eyed monster got you too gj.c.?
    its accordions are so far out dorky that they are actually cool here. there would be no klezmer without them.

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