we shook hands on friday

two good friends saying good bye

two intelligent people with better things to do

two coffee cups with dried dregs

one half eaten biscotti and one stubbed cigarette

a couple of banknotes carefully stuffed under the saucer.

the last witnesses of a life left behind.


13 thoughts on “delicacy

  1. Well, who told me you don’t write poetry?

    The line “two intelligent people with better things to do” pulls the whole poetry thru the tunnel.

    Is there a tunnel, or it’s me?

    Blete, I will need some two or three
    others like this so you’ll have the second nest built in me, after the first one you have with your short stories.

    I need a poetry in the level of “In the arms of an opld mann”.
    Of course don’t force it out, it will come, it will come….

    And the last: This design is cool; very cool. Would onl suggest the green color to be a bit darker. But hey, don’t forget it is a man talking color, right?

    pra sa merr vesh gomari nga politika, …. etj. etj. 🙂 😛

  2. Richard Hovey. 1864–1900

    30. At the Crossroads

    You to the left and I to the right,
    For the ways of men must sever—
    And it well may be for a day and a night,
    And it well may be forever.
    But whether we meet or whether we part 5
    (For our ways are past our knowing),
    A pledge from the heart to its fellow heart
    On the ways we all are going!
    Here’s luck!
    For we know not where we are going. 10

    Whether we win or whether we lose
    With the hands that life is dealing,
    It is not we nor the ways we choose
    But the fall of the cards that’s sealing.
    There’s a fate in love and a fate in fight, 15
    And the best of us all go under—
    And whether we’re wrong or whether we’re right,
    We win, sometimes, to our wonder.
    Here’s luck!
    That we may not yet go under! 20

    With a steady swing and an open brow
    We have tramped the ways together,
    But we’re clasping hands at the crossroads now
    In the Fiend’s own night for weather;
    And whether we bleed or whether we smile 25
    In the leagues that lie before us
    The ways of life are many a mile
    And the dark of Fate is o’er us.
    Here’s luck!
    And a cheer for the dark before us! 30

    You to the left and I to the right,
    For the ways of men must sever,
    And it well may be for a day and a night
    And it well may be forever!
    But whether we live or whether we die 35
    (For the end is past our knowing),
    Here’s two frank hearts and the open sky,
    Be a fair or an ill wind blowing!
    Here’s luck?
    In the teeth of all winds blowing. 40

  3. Shume bukur Blete…Me kujtove nje poezi te Jacques Prévert, ndoshta me kafen, ndoshta me cigaren… apo ndoshta ngaqe the life left behind mund te kish vazhduar si me poshte:


    He poured the coffee
    Into the cup
    He put the milk
    Into the cup of coffee
    He put the sugar
    Into the coffee with milk
    With a small spoon
    He stirred
    He drank the coffee
    And he put down the cup
    Without speaking to me
    He lighted
    A cigarette
    He made circles
    With the smoke
    He shook off the ash
    Into the ashtray
    Without speaking to me
    Without looking at me
    He got up
    He put
    A hat on his head
    He put on
    A raincoat
    Because it was raining
    And he left
    In the rain
    Without a word
    Without looking at me
    And I buried
    My face in my hands
    And I cried.

  4. Gletsch, jam gati te ve bast se kjo poezi e Preverit eshte botuar ne shqip…. vetem se s’me kujtohet ush e ka perkthyer… e kisha harruar krejt, por sa e lexova prej teje me erdh ne mend….
    Blete, me qe jemi ketu, fjala “dreg” rocks! Gjithnje me habit me fjalorin e gjere te anglishtes! Une vete e mesova ketu.

  5. Peach (:P) me siguri qe eshte dhe shqip. Une per here te pare e kam lexuar anglisht, dhe ka qene pikerisht kjo poezi qe me shtyu te mesoj frengjisht, pra eshte pjeserisht pergjegjese per rrjedhen e jetes sime…

    Sa per fjalorin e Bletes, une mesoj nga 2-3 fjale te reja sa here kaloj ketej. (mos i thoni njeriu:))

    Keep it up Blete!

  6. hey, thanks for your comments. my ears are flopping to the floor from every good thing i read here. 😉
    damn, every time i think i get an original idea, Richard Hovie and Jacques Prevert are there before me. but there is poetry for everybody under this sun.
    good independence day!

  7. akyllnaja e forte je..dhe mua me pelqen shume fjalori i pasur qe Bleta perdor dhe e pergezoj me tere zemer per kete pelqen stili i poezive te tua lal!
    me pelqen dhe guna qe nderron here pas here …me pelqen qe nuk rri ne nje vend:) blete hesapi:))

  8. well, first you have to give me a million dollars…Kidding
    click on Honeymaking, Mjalteberja. Some short stuff is there. But i do not dare to make people read my “fiction” here, just entertain the masses.
    thank you for asking, (and that million wouldn’t hurt either)

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