Dictionary (Please feel free to add)

Well, here is an “original” thought: Women and Men use the same words to mean totally different things (no comments about planets and such thank you!)

“I am a very good cook”

Man: I can burn meat on the grill with the best of them; or throw the egg whole in the frying pan (just fish the shell pieces out). You get to wash dishes and sleep with me.

Woman: I can thaw TV dinners or order out the best chinese in town. Oh yeah, I can also make cupcakes from the mix. You get to Ooh and Aah. Dishes are washed by housekeeper.

Me: I ask my mom to cook for me.

I got the moves baby!”

Man: Shuffling on the dance floor, doing the spanking hand move thingy (it took me two years to get that one) or butting butts with whatever butt around.

Woman: Shaking that thang (no matter what music is on); doing the fake lesbian dance (you know two girls pretending to rub against each-other, beats me why it’s so popular), dipping head and waving hair about. Oh yeah also butting butts with whatever butt around.

Me: Trained circus dog that knows no moves but has to dance for the reward on the trainer’s hand. I also do the fake belly dancer thing.

“Hot and steamy and all night long”

Man: Approx after 10 min, “I already kissed you honey, now roll over!”

Woman: Do my arms look too flabby? How’s my hair? Reverse cowgirl, baby, who’s your mama? Better not, love handles will juggle.”

Me:  Keep a book by the bedside. I’d rather be caught without protection, than without a good book.

I could go on for longer but I have to cook.


8 thoughts on “Dictionary (Please feel free to add)

  1. hehehe
    gjergj, leave mama alone, because i am planning to have kids one day. and my mama is better looking and more slender than i am, so i do not understand fat mama jokes.
    tena, god knows i tried. now i just make jokes from the side theater seats.

  2. you’re actually right, i never quite understood it either, that is why i said it.. (i won’t understand why marriage gives ppl a licence to impose their will left and right, men or woman.. i know i’m being too vague but i’m not going any further coz im not really into it either 😀

  3. What is the deal with relationships?

    Women want to see what’s on tv, and men want to see, what else is on tv….

    /seinfeld for the win

  4. So you didn’t my latest “Asymmetric thoughts about men…” post, lol. I am new here. You have an interesting space here. Please visit mine if you have time. Have a good weekend, cheers, Zeynep.

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