simply magic


11 thoughts on “simply magic

  1. yes, she is Vanesa Paradis, with Daniel Auteil, in Girl on the Bridge. My favorite love story movie. rent it girls because it is very good cheesy french style.

  2. Cheesy is a good definition, judging from the video.
    This Vanessa girl seems to never get old. I remember her 10 years ago and she looked the same.
    The song is nice. Is Otis Redding the one singing?

  3. it is Nina Simone.
    the video is actually a scene from the movie. the whole movie is shot like that, black and white, fast moving and dreamlike.

  4. B, you didn’t know that? :O
    now it’s me who’s swooning! 😛

    Honestly, J.D. has made me watch three “Pirates of the Caribbean” at the cinema (normally I go only for Almodovar and french films) The third one really paied the ticket, because of the two scenes where you can see 15 Captains Saprrow in the same time. Never 13 dollars were spent so well. 😀 😛 Those eyes, the lips, that way of walking and talking, a bit childish, but so masculine… ehhh… po iki se e zgjata ca si teper.:)

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