Not my honey but still tasty Q & A

Posted with the kind permission of Mr. Ajeti. Originally appeared in the Art Cafe forum.

Q # 1: What is a ‘Mexican tattoo’?

A: Mexican tattoo is a scar around the neck the noos leaves after the victim has been roped and  dragged by a horse or an SUV. (Movie ‘Hidalgo’ mentions it.)

Q # 2: What is a ‘Mexican standoff’? (Movie ‘Desperado’ shows it.)

A: When two individuals pull their guns and point at each-other at the same time.

Q # 3: What is an ‘Albanian standoff’ ?

A: Around year 2000,  the ‘ NY Daily News’ wrote an article about two Albanians who were in a dispute with an Italian Mafia. They all met in NJ at an Italian owned gas station in an Italian neighborhood. There were half a dozen Italians present when they all pulled the gun at one of the Albanians. The other Albanian pulled his gun at the same time and pointed at a 10.000 gallons gas tank. The Italians backed off!  The deal was closed in Albanian’s favor. An eyewitness said ‘we thought we were all going to heaven that day. I’ve never seen such a tense situation.’  On the paper it was called ‘Albanian standoff’.   


Idriz Ajeti


10 thoughts on “Not my honey but still tasty Q & A

  1. The way we used “Mexican standoff” down south was when you arrived at a four way stop and nobody would move…

    I was always the first guy to make a move… I got a heavy foot on the gas pedal…

    /but I guess you don’t got cars in NYC, that’s why you use the original meaning of the word…

  2. it is the good vibe that gets me back here in this late hour. all this thanks to:
    05_infected_mushroom-suliman.mp3 (a must for all 3 of you, and I mean it).
    Montreal is a f@#$ up place, but then again one of the best places to be, in canada. I have had quite a few experiences there and I know what I am talking about. believe me blete, those green eyed quebecoise can redefine wikipedia … big time …
    between Vancouver and montreal I would have gone for the latest, but that was before I got infected in asia, poisoned deeply in my mind … and now I love Vancouver.

    Next time you see my cousin, ask him who is Jason George, and maybe you got to redefine your “Albanian standoff” (Jason can speak fairly good Albanian, Korcarce dialect of course) as I am sure he will enrich the meaning.

  3. oho I think Jason George is married to my far far cousin (if he is tall receding hair and smart blue eyes)
    but i will ask your cousin. nice to hear from you.

  4. hmmm…
    Jason george is single. no way he got married and I dont a third generation of albo-yankees, born in worchester (the second weirdest albo community, after NY of course … ) amongst natural born KOKEPACEs (i will give you a yukata if you find the right english word for this albanian word), he might have a different opinion on the matter.

    as for montreal, seeing is believing.

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