Albanian Festival

Got this information at Looks like fun but I can’t go. Gj.C. please provide us with gossip and entertainment



It’s that time again…the Albanian festival is upon us.  As a celebration of Albanian culture and tradition, St. Mary’s Albanian Orthodox Church in Worcester, MA, is hosting the biggest Albanian festival in the country, and we want you to join us.  So come out on Friday, 6/1, Saturday 6/2, and Sunday 6/3, to enjoy some Albanian food, music, and dance.  It is certain to be a great time.

Friday, June 1st : 6pm – 11pm
Saturday, June 2nd: 11am – 11pm
Sunday, June 3rd: 12pm – 8pm

Festival Location

St Mary’s Assumption Albanian Orthodox Church
535 Salisbury Street / Worcester, MA 01609
Phone: (508) 756-1690



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