drinks and desires

mr. e came to town. a genuinely likable person, who has a thousand stories, an impish grin, a tall and lanky figure and almost white teeth. me like. being with him is like being slowly marinated in an alcohol and laughter mixture, spiced here and there with sadness about past relationships and history lectures. the guy really knows his history.

he is surprised to see the fraying at the seams his old buddies show here in NY, and flabbergasted at the idea that he can go home at 4 in the morning instead of the customary 8. how dare we even suggest it? but home we go, after valiantly making it through one home get together, a barbecue and two quiet cafes that only carry vodka and red wine.  and of course the promise that morning will bring forth the last of that wonderful gray goose bottle and that garden made raki.

we sit and talk and generally detox our brains while slowly intoxicating our bodies. my mind is playing games of what if, as usual making the decision on attraction and overriding the hormones. i wonder why my libido works so weird, liking a joke as much or even better than a tight tush, and not minding slightly yellow teeth on a smart mouth. as the day progresses, so does the attraction, until i finally have to do something about it. so i drink a little bit more of the fiery clear liquid, and take care not to slur my words or give in to slumber. the drink takes the edge of the desire, but it is not so much that i cannot see the limits i must not cross.

mind the limits please! my crush sits right next to me, a handsome man with a shrinking belly, snoring so prettily. he’s fallen asleep, the big baby. the rest of us sit silently in the sidewalk cafe, slowly draining the glasses, watching the world turn light and waiting for the waitress to finally kick us off the table. she does not show, so i guess she does not want to go home either. one of those dawns.


20 thoughts on “drinks and desires

  1. i wonder why my libido works so weird, liking a joke as much or even better than a tight tush, and not minding slightly yellow teeth on a smart mouth. I often wonder the same… but sometimes exactly the opposite…
    Enjoyed reading it!

    p.s. did he wake up once?:)

  2. akull, two different people. crush — mister e. thx for the compliment.
    kreshnik, please bring your mama. we’ll take her “shopping” with mommy and daddy

  3. oh, sorry blete, I hadn’t noticed it…don digest well english in the morning…:)
    now, it makes better sense to me!;)

    Kreshnik, you got to decide yourself!:P

  4. I stand by my initial assessment of her work: The best thing I can say about her book is that Manji is incoherent and vague. Her historical knowledge is poor and she ignores too many tricky issues. In my view, she brings absolutely no new insight into the question of whether or not Islam can be reformed. Irshad Manji wants to recycle an idea that has been preached since the 19th century, which Westerners should pay for when we are bleeding from the cost of Muslim immigration and while rich Arabs are sponsoring terrorism in our countries. Thanks, but no thanks. The most annoying aspect of this is that her writings have got much more attention than more deserving candidates. Buy a book by somebody who actually understands Islam, such as Understanding Islam and the Muslim Mind by Ali Sina, books by Ibn Warraq, or Wafa Sultan’s upcoming book.

  5. Well….. that’s liberal

    2406. A Muslim woman cannot marry a non-Muslim, and a male Muslim also cannot marry a non-Muslim woman who are not Ahlul Kitab. However, there is no harm in contracting temporary marriage with Jewish and Christians women, but the obligatory precaution is that a Muslim should not take them in permanent marriage.
    2408. If a person commits fornication with an unmarried woman and who is not in Iddah, as a precaution, he cannot marry her till he has sought forgiveness from Allah, and repented. But if another person wishes to marry her before she has repented, there is no objection.
    If a woman is known as a lewd person, it will not be permissible to marry her till she has genuinely repented, and similarly, it is not permissible to marry a man known for his lustful character, till he has genuinely repented. If a man wishes to marry a woman of loose character, he should, as a precaution, wait till she becomes Pak from her menses, irrespective of whether he had committed fornication with her, or anyone else had done so.

  6. If a married woman commits adultery, she on the basis of precaution, becomes haraam permanently for the adulterer, but does not become haraam for her husband. And if she does not repent, and persists in her action (i.e. continues to commit adultery), it will be better that her husband divorces her, though he should pay her Mahr.

  7. and to TOP it all off

    2420. A woman who is divorced three times, becomes haraam for her husband. But, if she marries another man, subject to the conditions which will be mentioned under the rules pertaining to ‘divorce’, her first husband can marry her again after her second husband dies, or divorces her, and she completes the period of Iddah

  8. Gjergji, any relation between your last name and the Turkic Cumans who invaded Albania in the 6th century and decided to stay and blend in with the aboriginals?

  9. Desire

    by U2


    Lover, I’m on the street
    Gonna go where the bright lights
    And the big city meet
    With a red guitar…on fire

    She’s a candle burning in my room
    Yeah I’m like the needle, needle and spoon
    Over the counter with a shotgun
    Pretty soon everybody got one
    And the fever when I’m beside her
    Desire, desire…

    And the fever…getting higher
    Desire, desire…burning, burning

    She’s the dollars
    She’s my protection
    Yeah she’s a promise
    In the year of election
    Oh sister, I can’t let you go
    Like a preacher stealing hearts
    At a traveling show
    For love or money money money
    money money money money money
    money money money
    And the fever, getting higher
    Desire, desire, desire, desire
    Desire, desire

  10. its, i never said i was a spring chicken myself 😉
    c’est la vie.
    peach, i was under the orient influence when i wrote this. it was more Tarkan than U2. But you did a wonderful job of matching me up as usual.

  11. i clicked on kreshnik’s name and that’s what popped up, you know. So the above were only exerpts of text i read and i brought over here, i wasn’t thinking of anything , i’m just sayin

  12. Kreshnik yes faleminderit per infon qe me dhe, gjyshi im thoshte se babai i tij Ramazani ishte ushtar turk qe ngeli ne Shqiperi. So them qe qenakam gjysem turk, gjysem shqiptar, familjen e nenes e kam nga nje fshat i Vlores, dhe gjyshja me ka thene qe gjyshja e saj i tha qe kane ardhur nga nje fshat i Gjermanise ;). Menjefjale Europiano-Shqiptar.

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