Autointerviste/Self Interview

Well, I think it is time to do this since I already had my gyno and dental checkups. I had a clean bill of body health, let’s see how I do in the soul searching one.

1. Lumturia e plote per ju eshte? (Sublime happiness for you?)
gjume i plote, dite me diell, lexim duke ngrene ne nje stol ne park, pas nje shkepjeje te fuqishme. (full night’s sleep, sunny day, reading while having lunch in the park. after good nookie.)

2. Cfare ju ben te zgjoheni ne mengjes? (What makes you get up in the morning?)
celulari dhe faturat e papaguara (cell phone and unpaid bills)
3. Hera e fundit qe u shkrite duke qeshur? (Last time you laughed out loud?)

sot ne mengjez ne dhomen e pritjes ne spital (this morning in the surgery waiting area)

4. Vetia kryesore e karakterit tend cila eshte? (The main trait of your personality?)
Ndryshueshmeria (flexibility)

5. Mungesa juaj kryesore? (Your bigest issue?)
Ndryshueshmeria (flexibility)

6. Ne cilat gabime tregoheni me tolerant? (what mistakes are you inclined to forgive? 

kur fle mire e ha mire, fal gjithshka (when i am fully fed and have slept well, i forgive everything)
7. Me cilen figure historike je i apasionuar? (favorite historical figure?)
nuk me pelqen shume historia. por kam pozuar si Kleopatra e Mata Hari para pasqyres se dhomes (do not like history much. but i have posed as Cleopatra & Mata Hari in front of my bedroom mirror)

8. Cilet jane sot, heronjte tuaj? (who are your heroes?)

pa heronj (no heroes)

9. Udhetimi juaj me i dashur? (your most wonderful trip?)
Qeparo, shume kohe me pare. eshte kujtim i shenjte per mua. (Qeparo, Albania, a long time ago, holy memory)

10. Shkrimtaret tuaj me te dashur? (most loved writers?)
Kadare, Kuteli, Poradeci, Terry Pratchett, Stephen King, Anne Rice, Gabriel Garcia Marques, Louis de Berniere, Kurt Vonnegut, Isaac Azimov, Robert Heinlen, Orson Scott Card, JR Tolkien, Christopher Moore, etc etc etc.

11. Cilin virtyt vleresoni tek nje burre? (which virtue do you value most in a man?)
sensin e humorit e besimin ne vetvete (humor sense, confidence)

12. …dhe tek nje grua? (and in a woman?)
deshiren per te mos u dorezuar (not giving up)

13. Kompozitori juaj I preferuar? (favorite composer?)
Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, Ravel, Puccini, Miles Davis, Coltrane (can’t get more modern than that)

 14. Kengen qe fishkellen kur je ne dush? (what do you whistle in the shower?)
“I’m too sexy”

15. Libri me mbreselenes? (The most impressive book?)
Tregime te mocme shqiptare, Slaughterhouse five, Neverending Story (etc, etc, etc,)

16. Filmi me mbreselenes?  (the most impressive movie?)
American Beauty, Girl on the Bridge, 14 vjec dhender (Perralle nga e kaluara), Willow, One day without a Mexican.

17. Piktori juaj i dashur? (your most loved painter) klimt, boticelli, rembrant, da vinci, dali, chagall. nuk e honeps dot artin modern (can not abide modern art)

18. Ngjyra juaj e preferuar? (favorite color?)
e kuqja, bluja. po gjithmone vesh te zeza. (red, blue. but I always wear black)

19. Cilin quani suksesin me te madh tuajin? (what is your biggest achievement?)
jetesa me prinderit pas moshes 30 vjec. (living with my parents after 30)

20. Pija juaj e preferuar? (your favorite drink)
Vodka, Green jasmine tea (caj jeshil jasemini), Shiraz & Merlot, Water (uje)

21. Per cfare jeni penduar me shume? (what is your biggest regret?)
kerkimi i te falurit. (apologizing)

22. Cfare urreni me shume nga cdo gje? (what do you hate the most?)
Idiotesine (idiotism)

23. Kur nuk shkruani, cili eshte hobi juaj? (if you’re not writing, what other hobbies do you have?)
Leximi. lexoj shume dhe pa lidhje, njesoj si Hitleri. (Reading. I read a lot and without an apparent purpose, just like Hitler)

24. Frika juaj me e madhe? (worst fear?)
Vdekja. (dying)

25. Ne cilin rast, zgjidhni te thoni genjeshtra? (when do you choose to lie?)
kur me duhet te dal nga situata. (to get out of a situation)

26. Cila eshte motoja juaj? (your motto?)
Jeto dhe ler te jetojne (live and let live)

27. Si do preferonit te vdisnit? (how would you like to die?)
nuk preferoj te vdes. (would not like to die.)

28. Nese do ju ndodhte te takonit Zotin, cfare do te donit t’ju thoshte? (what would you say to God if you happen to meet Him?)
Faleminderit per pergjigjen (thank you for your answers)

29. Ne c’gjendje shpirterore ndodheni kesi kohe? (what state of mind are you now?)
te qendrueshme (constant)


15 thoughts on “Autointerviste/Self Interview

  1. Cool!!! I like you already..and seeing that you aint married and I aint a doorman I’m sending over my mamma to check you out.

    any objections?

  2. hmmm, is your mamma easily shocked?
    i hope she is not planning to live with you because i can not abide in-laws. i got my mamma for that. but she will be expected to come by on a daily basis and shop, clean, cook and raise any byproducts of the union.
    do you plan to be promoted to a doorman in the future? is your first wife going to object to a second wife? can she cook? does she mind being moved to the “guest room”?
    Do you have a “guest room”? Embarrasing STDs? Angles in your head?
    hehehe, coje po ta mbajti.

  3. Angles in my head? Hmmm the proper term is called occipital flattening due to exposure of the infant’s skull to the hard crib surface.

  4. Koherence:

    Libri me mbreselenes?
    Tregime te mocme shqiptare.

    Shkrimtaret tuaj me te dashur?
    ….(I MADHI FARE KETU)….. Kuteli…..

    Shkrimtari me i dashur ben librin me mbreselenes….

    ….. qe merret kryesisht me Ciklin e Kreshnikeve

    Blete, mos ca koke nga vdekja! To experience it (including to fear it) you need to be alive in the first place….
    Pika 1 me sekelldisi, s’di pse, por e rilexova dhe them qe that kind of happiness is possible….

    Urime per prodhimtarine.

  5. I love reading this interview because it tells me how fun of a person you are and cool one:))

    Living with albanian parents its a great achievement. Be proud of yourself:))

  6. i was just thinking. maybe the reason why i am afraid of dying is that i have not begin to live fully yet.
    but this is too weird for a saturday night.

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