the bride who came in from the cold

she adjusted her pushup bra strap and the belt buckle of her jeans, breathed deeply and stepped off the train. it took a moment for her senses to get used to the assault of people, smells, noises, lights and bumps from all possible directions. she finally got herself together enough that she could remember his directions about coming out of the station at the exact spot he would be waiting for her.

oh, him. she made her way through the throngs of hurrying people, their luggage and their children, into a large corridor. he would be waiting, wouldn’t he. somewhere she could hear the sounds of a barrel organ. a street musician was massacring the tune of “love story” of all things. he would be somewhere in that direction, possibly leaning on a phone booth or a wall, looking for her. she was sure she would recognize him in an instant, even though they had only seen each-other in the camera. she had come to really know the strangely angular face, thin lips and little rebel curls that framed his face on their nightly sessions.

they had done everything in those sessions. he had insisted to see the full show, and had shown himself fully in return. the cameras had been on day and nights, so they could have an uninterrupted window in each-other’s life. she did make sure she kept the “other” clothes away, sure that he would not understand. after all they were discussing a life together in which see through tank tops, lepard print tights and platform peep toes did not have a place. after packing, she had given those clothes away to her single friends. she did not need them any longer.

she saw him before he saw her, with a horrendous fleece green jacket on, leaning against a subway map and staring at his feet. he was shorter that she had imagined. she wished she did not have the high heel shoes on. he was also thinner than she thought he would be, a stick figure which some would call handsome but which awakened her mother insticts.

“There is nobody to feed him” she thought, warming at the thought that she would have somebody to prepare meals for. she loved preparing meals even though she was not a particularly good cook. but there was something about a woman puttering along in the kitchen. she knew that got deep into the gut of a man, even if the ensuing dish might not be particularly tasty.

so she breathed deeply and walked towards her waiting future, as it raised its head, saw her, recognised her, evaluated her then took out the most charming little worried smile.  and yes, her future had grey teeth. but it was hers, for better or for worse and she had to protect it. she smiled back, showing her own white pearls in return and batting her heavily mascaraed lashes. oh yes, the future was hers.


9 thoughts on “the bride who came in from the cold

  1. Blete, I’m waiting for “la suite” of this one. As about the other, good flight, I’d say.:)

  2. I see… just enjoyed really a lot reading it, and thought it would be great “honey” if there was a “suite”. I’m e pangopur…what can I do…:)
    Cheers, anyway!

  3. it is not as exciting. she contracted an STD and became pregnant within a month, fought with the in-laws and put her foot down within the next three months, and now is dispersing internet dating advice to her single friends. Life is just where she wanted it.

  4. i do not think there is a proper ending to this story. mine happened to be true and i saw the “happily ever after”. i guess that is why all fairy tales end at the wedding day.

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