Murphy’s Law

I had never experienced this law to its fullest extend before yesterday.

I packed the night before.

I printed out the travel itenerary.

I got money from the bank.

I confirmed my flights and prepaid the hotel.

I cancelled my friends’ offers to drive me to the airport. big strong confident woman can take the measly bus to the airport instead.

Then I woke up.

I fell in the shower. Thank God for extra natural padding

I became late finishing an essay. Long live the internet.

The first bus did not come. Begged my cousin to drive me to the next stop.

My cousin’s car was in the shop and she could not find the keys to the other one, which was tricky anyway because she hates driving minivans. She dared and drove me safely to the station.

the bus was local, not express.

the airport shuttle did not come. shared the cab with three other hefty midwestern blondes.

tried to call and change the flight, would cost extra $200. decided to take my chances.

arrived on time to find out that the flight was late and i would not be able to make the connection. the attendand put me on a different flight.

my seat was near the bathroom door, and a very large lady got in after eating something from Taco Bell.

arrived at the connecting airport. the flight was late.

a transport truck hit the underbelly of the plane so we had to be shuttled off to a different gate and vehicle.

there was only one shuttle bus seating 30 and 100 passangers. we finally made it.

the plane was one hour late getting in. then there was another hour wait to unload.

the baggage was not yet unloaded.

the hotel was great but it was too late to eat.

Thank God for bed.


6 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law

  1. Have a cold beer and a deep breath (not necessarily in this order) and Murphy t’i merr te ligat!:)

  2. duke pritur rradhen tone per te prevuar ligjin, historite e tua jane gjithmone te treguara bukur (sidomos kur arrij ti kuptoj ne anglisht)

  3. te dha nje arsye per te shkruar nje artikull at least.. the bright side?! 🙂 I’ll tell you my story when i come back from the bahamas this august..10 day vacation wanna meet:) ?

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