Party Season in NY

As you see, the NY Albos wanna have fun. One party is Saturday at the place we all know so well, Essex Club,


And the other one is at the ROXY, a fun NY club Albos congregate too time after time. Either way, plenty of choices, so strap on your platforms, unearth that metallic blue eyeshadow and party Alb Style:


 Have fun and let me know how they went. Or if my eyeshadow has not dried yet, I’ll go and have fun myself. Hope they have big enough woofers.


5 thoughts on “Party Season in NY

  1. eh eni, keshtu jane gjithmone keta. rrine rrine e terbohen. pas ca kohesh te duken te tera njesoj, dhe te tere myshterinjte kusherinj.
    prandaj edhe gjergji inkonjito ka per t’u dalluar pernjeheresh.

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