This Looks Like Fun on a Saturday

New York’s Annual First Dance Parade 2007

about dance parade and festival

7819  Dancers, 157 Dance Organizations, 49 Dance StylesJoin Us Now!

Dance Parade is New York’s first ever parade and festival of such scope and scale. We are celebrating everything from Break dance to Ballet with Burning Man Spirit and Love Parade Energy. On Saturday May 19th 2007 we will join colorful floats, live bands and dj’s to dance in the streets to Salsa, Contra, Disco, Clogging, Ballroom, Irish Step, Hip Hop, Swing, Tango, Ballet, Break dance, Japanese, Sufi, Samba and more – over 49 forms demonstrating that Dance is a vibrant, expressive form of art.

Our wonderful parade route starts at 32nd Street, heads down Broadway to Union Square, swings West to Fifth Avenue and triumphantly dances itself through Washington Square’s memorial Arch. Inside the park we have a unique Dance Festival with many forms of performance and social dances on as many as four stages!

We are an all volunteer run Non-Profit Organization who seek to show that dance is an expressive form of art–Our aim is to educate the public on the wonderful health and cultural benefits of dance. In doing so, we aim to support and strengthen the role of dance in our culture.


  • May 15: Official Dance Parade After Party to be held at Element!
  • May 10: Stepping Out Studios become official Dance Parade sponsor.
  • May 5: 100 NYDP officers organizing to ticket bystanders found not moving rhythmically.
  • Apr 22: Join us at our Parade photo shoot! 2pm in front of Washington Square Park’s Memorial Arch
  • Apr 15: Join us at our Taste of the Dance Parade Fun Raiser!
  • Apr 11: ClubPlanet and NocheLatina join as Online Media Sponsors.
  • Mar 21: Register for free in the Dance Parade and win a $25 Gift Certificate to Worldtone Dance Shoes!
  • Mar 15:, the premier online resource to support aspiring professional dancers, added as a sponsor.
  • Mar 12: NYPD adjusts parade route to fit moratorium ordinance not allowing new parades on Fifth Avenue above 14th Street.  Dance Parade awarded Broadway as an alternative.
  • Mar 4:  The Orginal B-Boys, Keith and Kevin Smith join us to Break Dance
  • Mar 2: DJ Kool Herc, legendary founder of Hip Hop to play on parade float
  • Feb 28: Fox5 News announces Parade on Fifth Avenue
  • Feb 21: Gotham Swing Club in to be strong in parade and as supporter
  • Feb 1:   East West Living signed on as Sponsor

be involved

Be a part of making history–Volunteer either for May 19th or for the Planning Committee! Or, contribute toward the event costs, make a tax deductible donation.

Register your dance group, get promoted on our Who’s In page. If you’re an individual dancer of any kind, we have 54 styles to choose from–Sign up for Free!

be informed


7,819 Dancers

157 Dance Groups

49 Dance Styles

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