Mommy day

Yep, as a dutiful daugher, I took my parents, my sister and fiancee and my cousin out to the Brasilian Churrascaria. It is a very nice place, owned by a Japaneze, with an Argentinian hostess, Caucasian waiters, Mexican busboys and live blues music. I could not find one Brasilian thing. But man, it was good.

I still can not move from all that meat. At the restaurant, all I could think of was, “Man, I wish I had a couple more Albos here. We’d bankrupt this place in a week!” Because, we Albos love meat. I mean, we really, really loove meat.

We love meat so much, we invented a superstition to foretell its coming. If you bite your tongue,  you guessed it, a hot plate of meat slabs is coming your way.

In a wedding, there has to be meat. The guests probably fast all day and come ready to dig in and carry away. Reminds me of those wonderful socialist times when meat was rationed for once a month, and wedding steaks were scurried away in purses, under toupees, and even inside underwear, although the last might be an urban legend Albo style. But it might have been given the meat that extra pinch of flavor the connaiseurs craved. (if this nuveau cuisine idea takes off, I want my share)

As that cute waiter brought over rabbit, duck, steak, beef tenderloin, turkey wrapped in bacon, pork, veal, lamb racks, sushi, sea food, and some unfamiliar steaky thingy, I was thinking about how many hungry African kidsi could feed, and my dad was thinking about how many steaks he could fit in his mouth all at once. We got drunk on meat and even my mom had to unbutton her pants.

All in all, a good mommy day! Ahh living la vida loca!


12 thoughts on “Mommy day

  1. Bletez,
    Moj , mua qe se kam aq qejf mishin, me ngjau se me solle oreks… :))
    Nice postings…
    C U soon…

  2. I was in a wedding last month here in Tirana(Albanian style big time), and we basiclly OD’d on pork chops and beef steaks. I can’t figure out why do we have this meat thing at all occasions. Do you have any ideas?

  3. Blete,

    Is that Churrascaria on the neighborhood of 48 street and 9th ave? If so, I was taken there once for my b-day, and it was the best b-day ever, because of the meat, and the after party was pretty good to…

    But to answer Strangeman’s question, our love of meat, as Albanians, comes from the fact that meat was so scarce during the communism. You got some frozen nasty chunk with bones, that you could only make soup outta… for the most part…

    So now, as we can buy everything we want we are splurging in meat…

    The next stage is to become health-conscious and realize that too much meat is bad for you especially the beef and pork variety.

    Personally, I love me a good stake, but will only have beef once a week, and pork another, and that’s it…. the rest is veggies, chicken, and lotsa fish….

    The key to life is balance…

  4. well Its, you take the meat for the day. I can not even think of meat without salivating, let alone exercise self control. It was the Churrascaria in Hackensack. The place was so full of masticators and wide bottoms, I felt right at home.
    Strangeman, as Its pointed out, meat signifies wealth and masculinity.
    The more you dish out, the richer you are, the more you eat the more you can take (like a real man) and the fat slides on the sides of your chin, making you less handsome but oh so appetizing.
    We Albos are all candidates for Metahoolic Anonymous.

  5. I guess ur right. Maybe we will realize that too much meat is bad. Maybe my children (still a long way to get there), in a blog, many years from now, will ask: why don’t we have any meat at all in a wedding menu. What is this thing with meat Albos have?

    @its: I agree with you, and your diet.

  6. Ua tani rashe ketej une… Pse e duam mishin… Persepari mendoj eshte ceshtje kulture mesa di eshte shume e lashte Konica thote qe antropologet (nese quhen keshtu) thonin se dhembet e shqiptareve ishin te pershtatshem per kete pune… Natyra dhe vendi jane te tilla qe kane lejuar me shume blektorine se buqesine… shume serioz deri tani…
    Arsyeja e vertete eshte: Rakia, kush pi do te haje dhe shqiptaret pine shume…

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