Thoroughly Entertained

I saw Grindhouse today. Fun Fun Fun. Did not lose interest even once. It was bloody, it was gory, it was yucky, funny and tacky. If I ever made a movie, it would be exactly like that. Except maybe, I’d throw in a few hottie tushies for the girls too. This was more like fulfilling some geek’s inner dream since high school.

However, thank you for the blood, sticky guts and disintegrating penis. Being just criticized for my translations by a stickless son of a gun or bitch from the west, I was reeling and foaming at the mouth, when i  entered the theatre. There was enough guts and killing and guy buttkicking to apease my thirst however.

I suggest you buy this movie and pop it on if you are being put down by your boss, heckled by your other half, or dealt a punch that you have no way of returning. It is as good as a kickboxing session, I am telling you. Not that I ever took kickboxing. But I did beat the crap out of some future boxer when i was in elementary school. Could it be that I was the inspiration for their chosen career later on?


6 thoughts on “Thoroughly Entertained

  1. I saw that last week with my couzins, on the first movie is funny because there is this black dude that looks like Dave Chappelle and he says nothing, just follows the other characters trying to kill the zombies. We’re crackin up coz there’s this few characters that say nothing just walk in and out of the scenes…that was alright to the first hour of the movie, my cuz says this is gonna last for 3 hours.. i’m like no way, 3 hours killing zombies, little did we know there was 2 movies in one. So anyway off we go to watch some other movie that had already started and after that we actually had time to see the ending of Grindhouse,… We were cought off-guard to see this one had nothing to do with the beginning of the movie so we figured the “Dave Chappelle” look-alike and the other background actors had taken over the whole movie… i know.. makes no sense.. but nobody told us there were gonna be 2 movies in one either.

  2. hmm, they said it was a double-feature on the trailer. and the zombies were not so bad, really. i only had to close my eyes and ears a couple of times.
    never noticed the “Dave Chapelle” look-alike. I was blinded by all the squishy guts.
    again, see it when you feel like killing a couple or two of people.

  3. just saw the movie! (japan is a download paradise)
    quite entertaining. it is not just the killings, it is the old fashion, many times comic way they put most of the events, and the catchy lines.
    gjeke, me too, didnt manage to see David though he is my favorite, with his saying: KONNICHIWA BIATCHES!
    and of course there were many lines that worth repeating:
    -Doc, you gotta see this ….
    -can you give me a gun? -oh you are f***** kidding me … 🙂
    -you shot them in the head, just like in your video game. -what about dad? -especially if it is your dad …
    -if thats escape vehicles you want, escape vehicles I ve got.
    -she has got one leg. – easier access …
    – i have never seen a one legged stripper, and I have been to morocco … dance bitch … break a leg …
    -no more dead bodies for daddy tonite … (bang)- never liked him, the son of the B********

    -he broke my leg- its ok I made you smth …
    -I suppose there r any other biochemical engineers around … (silence) – take it as a NO …

    oh I cant keep up … tarantino gets even better.
    go and see the movie and then go and kill some .. 🙂
    I ll do some japs first thing tomorrow morning …

  4. shame on you. leave the japs alone.
    my favorite was the MACHETTE trial. I was just so happy they finally gave that mexican guy a movie, i never guessed it was a skit until the end.
    with this movie, i recuperated my movie choosing rights amongst my friends. the rights were vetoed out after i made everybody see “Date Movie”

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