the other side of the world

hey sweetie -he says

hey yourself – i say

how are you?

i am fine, how ’bout you?

doing  ok. Parents all good.

ehh the usual. thank God for them. and your family

doing good. we were together saturday.

that is nice to hear.

his breath deepens and his voice goes two octawes lower.

-so, what are you wearing? anything pretty?

-just a t-shirt and sweatpants. chilling at home you know.

he knows. but he is also disappointed although still hopeful about what will come next.

-what are you wearing?

-well i got this gorgeous lace teddy, and sweet pink bra. you should see  how good i look in it.

-nice. you are all ready for your honey, i see.

-yeah, got my nails done, shaved my legs, put on my makeup. thanks for the lipgloss by the way. he almost eats my lips when i put it on.

i smile for this is what my friend does night after night. he comes home from work, takes of his manly clothes, takes a long shower, shaves his legs, lotions his body and puts on the most incredible and gorgeous lingerie for his lover.

sometimes he calls me to confirm who the better girl is. of course it is him hands down. i am always in my sweatpants, he is always in his silk panties and short catholic schoolgirl skirts.

he tells me of the new dresses he buys, the cuts that favor his bust, his dream to go shooting pool on those miniscule minis the girls sport on tv, with the love of his life by his side. the love of his life is also Alb. and married, who only “does” him for money.

he rarely mentions his current boyfriend, a fiery Mexican, who is very posessive and apparently madly in love with him. he is still thinking of the other one when he puts on the makeup and curls his eyelashes.

his one hangup is that he can not tweeze his eyebrows because his coworkers will finally get confirmation to their fears and doubts about him.

so here we are, having this surreal conversations about the difficulties of finding a fitting size 14 dress (we share a size but not body shape), dishing about men, real and imaginary. i am trying to understand how come he is a better woman than me, and he is trying to understand why men seem to flock to me but shy away from him.

such is the other side of the world.


6 thoughts on “the other side of the world

  1. LOL.. i don’t know if i should confess my sins too but here we go. I was high on heroin once and .. (im not an everyday junkie if you care to ask , so dont judge if you’re not willing to care).. and was lookin for more drugs… freakin A though…I had left my friend Igor and his gf at their russian cousins in Brooklin and i was lookin for a way to have fun with very little money in Manhatan NY on a monday night 4.30 AM. What money we had we needed for another scam in Washington DC.. that went awry..(hold on for this one too)… To make a long story short i see these two guys waving for a taxi that just left them, so i stop there and ask them if they wanna get a ride and i’ll take the money instead of the cab, The brasilian dude apparently thinks about it and jumps in. He told me he’s a managar on some restaurant bla bla bla, he’s actually cool apart from the fact that he’s gay. Anyway, we chit chat and he appears to have meth so he tries to lure me to his appartment, he’s going to give me meth for return of sexual favours.. ok, i like the meth part. Touch and see.. (si esht perkthimi i sakte i shofim e bejm, see and do is def. not).. We go up… blaze some meth.. that shit is sick… i was already high on heroin… So i tell him to pack me up some meth on the plastic for later on, stick it in my socks, go for a bathroom trip and stole all his colognes. The guy had a loooottt… and they appeared to be storefronts too so no bad blood there, besides the fact that i had to get back at him for this gay bullshit. Told him to get ready, i had already “forgotten” my cigarettes in my car, i was gonna go downstairs smoke and then come back to try it out with him… freakin junkies will do anything for some drugs.. well almost anything. 😉 So that said, the bitch had already sniffed smth was wrong because one of my tires was apparently flat when i tried to leave the parkin lot. Fuckin A though.. 6 brand name perfumes made up for the faggottery.. ….. so the moral of the story is kids… Do not do drugs.. It will make you do fcuked up things… or almost!!

  2. B, have you been watching “Sex and the City” lately? “When nothing runs, then runs the TV”, the germans care to say.

    PS: well, since it comes from the germans, you can very easily ignore it 😉 😀

    Boy, another gay story and I wouldn’t visit this page for a month, however hard this might fall on me…. 😉

  3. to gj.c. i could not follow your comment to the end. please have mercy and think of us poor souls who never had their brains enhanced by chemicals. unless you count coffee.
    to peach, it is a free country. i have learned the hard way that when i try to censure my brain products for people, even extremely valuable readers, i still end up loosing them as well as myself.
    i did not shape the world, i just can not look away from its dark corners.
    but please do not quit on me just yet.

  4. Damn, I was afraid you wouldn’t see the face winking at you…. well, let me tell you this, it would take way too many gays to bring the situation to that point; don’t think there are as many in NY as to cause that….
    Or are you mad because you like germans 😉 (wanna make sure, you did get the wink this time… here it comes a big smile, too, in voice and figure … he he he… 😀 )

    Did I forget to praise the art of writing above? No bigie, it was implied all the way….

  5. What is a good woman, finally? Is a good woman different from a good man?… As you say,Blete, they share a size, but not the body shape.
    Enjoyed reading it.
    Keep it up, Blete!

    p.s. the new design is relaxing, but I used to find the old one as dynamic and clear as your writings.

  6. well, back by popular demand. this design has become like pantene shampoo, the more i use something else, the more i go back to it.
    blame it on my mercurial character akull.

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