Mourning Sanjaya’s Loss


I opened my eyes this morning and the world was gray. It was nippy and cold, but that was not it. Sanjaya was eliminated last night. The gentle sweet kid with a permanent smile was kicked out to the satisfaction of all bleeding ears of music, and the chagrin of all teenage girls, most of all, me.

I could not believe my ears, I could not believe my eyes, I could not believe my finger (wait a moment, I am confused). Anyway, why was America deprived of its need to embrace pop this time? Granted, the others can sing. But who can melt hearts like Sanjaya? Who, better than him can be a candidate for future tabloid fodder, fashion faux pas, before and after pictures, breakups and hookups page, perfume hocking etc? Anna Nicole is dead, Britney and Paris Hilton can barely raise an eyebrow, even if they play with the same horse and two chickens on top of the Empire State Building, and Angelina has run out of races to adopt.

But Sanjaya, ahh Sanjaya! A breath of fresh pink bubblegum air, and dazzling hairstyles, he brought together two countries in a way that neither 7-11s, sweatshops, outsorcing or Bollywood could. Does the government realize that we could have stolen India from GB with Sanjaya, if we had him 100 years ago?

And look at the style, the grace, the hair! The epitome of an American Idol. Since when has an American Idol been judged by his/her voice alone? It is not only a singing competition people! Trust me, the show just booted the best lounge singer/vegas performer in a long time to come.

My heart is sad, my eyes are weeping for the sweet kid who will hopefully pop up again and dazzle us with his unpretentiousness and docility, away from the bathos and the fireworks. Can he get any worse? NO. Can he get any better? Of course. So cheer him up people and buy his CDs.

Until then , enjoy the hair.



12 thoughts on “Mourning Sanjaya’s Loss

  1. he is not a man, he is an idol popsicle. besides, anybody who has the courage to go out in a ponytail mohawk on national tv, has enough thingies to be called a man, in my book.

  2. Blete loved your take on the issue. He definitely deserves to be there more than some who know how to sing but not act. After all If i was to wear a shirt with any shade of pink all i’d have to do is look at Sanjaya and go out the door. No.. noo.. naaa…not go out like that.. i mean i love the kid, but i just realized that. You know how they say you realize how much you love a good thing when you loose it. Anyways… without degrading it to the sensless joke that it already was in the press, in my opinion the kid deserved to stay there just a bit longer, just like Blete says, after all the crap that fan still kept on runnin. My idol vote however goes to …what’s her name, Jordan! Peace!

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