Busy Bee

it seems that my nickname finally caught up with me and I angered God so much by not resting even on Sunday, that He flooded my neighborhood and scared all the squirrels away. what could I do? let’s analyze.

on Thursday, I had to attend that photo exhibition, which turned out to be one penis viewing, peshku afficionados meet and greet, and a late night flan at Omonia Cafe. (for the curious, the “little friend’ was peeking out of the pants of a photographed wrestler and the hands of his adversary, the peshku people helped spread the bzzzz, and the flan was completely redundant). i also met friends i had not seen in a while, like the most interesting girl in the universe, twin beauties with brains, the concentrated thinker, the reticent banker and his posse, and two familiar faces that i still can not place but who i had a great conversation with nevertheless. i also discovered that my face is not as memorable (gasp!) as i thought.

i could have done without the Astoria flan, but i hate being rude, so i was piled in the car with everybody else, cobance style, and ended up adding sugar to my already crazed brain. anyway the conversation was interesting.

Friday was time lost day, full o’ wind, botched appointments and one amateur theatrical rendition of “Angels in America” with a gay sex scene in it. let me tell you, barely even tickling, let alone shocking. i fell asleep twice during the show, and i was utterly confused by this woman who apparently had 5 men roles and two fake bellies. the show closed with the coming of the angel, as it become too late, and I was the only one who got it, since I had seen the HBO series.

Saturday was early day, teaching ESL, chaperoning two shy first time daters, and participating in the NY translators powwow. i love this word: powwow, it just rolls off the tongue. anyway, the later was absolutely interesting, starting with the subconscious table arrangements. we balkan girls gravitated together, russians were comploting at the table in front of us, and the franko-germans were presiding over us all. the brasilian/portugese were sitting prettily in a corner. i learned very helpful things amongst which the fact that i have to learn either Chinese or Aarabic in order to keep afloat in the business. go figure.

then on to the Juan Valdez cafe, where i met the most ugly woman of my life. it was not only the way mother nature made her, but the way she tried to cover it up with that black lip liner and brownish lipstick, crazy eyeliner and fountain hair. honestly she looked like a drag queen that the queen dragged in. ( if it is not funny to you, i do not apologize, because it is funny as hell to me)

Oh yes, I also did my taxes. uncle Sam was not generous this year. Uhuh.

Sunday was the running around day. we had to attend a cute kiddy party overflowing with middle age intellectuals, and some interesting people that still hid their light under a bushel. but i was sad because one of my favorite kiddies had grown all up and his mom is moving to South Carolina. I will be minus one interesting couple to speak to.

then on to the airport. the uncle returned. why is it deeply ingrained in our genes, to express love by yelling? there is always a minor scuffle in the car, between people trying to say “i missed you” and “welcome back” but only bark insults instead. possibly that is why i became a translator. i fgured i might as well get paid for reading behind the lines and interpreting feelings, and meanings and not the way they were conveyed. i have had ample training with my family.

the weather went crazy Sunday and Monday, with uninterrupted rain beatings. the river rose and closed down some streets. people had to evacuate. the buses were not running. but we had candles and electricity, we had cheese sticks and cake and battery powered laptops, so it was really a vacation day. God really knows how to express His love for me. Glory, Allelujah!


14 thoughts on “Busy Bee

  1. girl , is nice to be busy , if you’re seeing new things.
    BTW I loved the hilarious description of that dragon queen,but mostly the part you say you don’t feel like apologising if we don’t find it funny:)

  2. Hey,

    Is that the Omonia cafe in Queens or in Bay Ridge Brooklyn? Supposedly they are owned by the same people, and heavily frequented by albos….

    I used to love the marble cheese cake at that place… still trying to shave the leftovers around my waistline…


  3. I really mean it so i’m going to spell it out for you. FUC K YOU New YORK Albos.. you got it so made out there!!!! :(….

    ps:… if you bothered to ask… Worcester, MA

  4. letting this go for one time only. don’t let yourself be bitten by the green eyed monster man. worcester has so many albos, it can declare independence, right after Kosova.

  5. Yeah and name it what, New Korca?…Nothing with them, is just seems that the appropriate question here is ” nga je nga Korca.. apo..” But that wasn’t my point anyway, i meant to say i’m jelous you guys leave in the big city. Like Boston seems even better than NY, but i’ll leave that up to you, but seriously sorry about the expletive, .. i actually sometimes forget we’re not THAT young we could let it all hang out 😀 . I still maintain we’re young to go clubbing i guess but not dance too much.. try not to dance at least. As for the green-eyed Monster is funny how the song below ended on my radio just 2 seconds ago…
    ” I, I live among the creatures of the night
    I haven’t got the will to try and fight
    Against a new tomorrow, so I guess I’ll just believe it
    That tomorrow never comes

    A safe night, I’m living in the forest of my dream
    I know the night is not as it would seem
    I must believe in something, so I’ll make myself believe it
    That this night will never go”

    ooo yeah my monster’s eyes are multi-colored, mine are green though 😉

    tashi po flas pak me Gencin, te ben te fala.. so till then.

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