sleep deprivation

there are days when the sun just sends down the wrong rays, and people’s faces look elongated and alien green. there are days when wordsare forgotten before they come out of people’s mouths, and cellulite ripens on conjoint thighs. there are days when sunglasses cannot be found on any monstrous totes, and there are no clean socks in drawers. there are days when coffee gives tremors without the boost and fascinating people are merely boring. there are days when books have all been read before and pennies are a rare commodity. there are days when ugly people can not be tolerated, and pretty faces are just wallpaper in shiny cafes. there are days when expectations tarnish the soul like blueberry stains, and obsessions cannot beat the truth down. there are days when mirrors are the best enemy and friends are the worst consolation. there are days when supermarkets have only dog-eared tabloids, and long swishy hair does not provide solace.

there are days that are expedient, quickly erased from memory, flattened and flattening. but then again, self-deception really helps bring about a new foolish hope, and empty days dive into emptiness, relinquishing their space to cute memories like iron neckrings on exotic looking locals for the tourist trade.

frankly my dear, i do not give a damn!


8 thoughts on “sleep deprivation

  1. pershkrim fantastik e dashur.
    p.s: ato femrat qe tregonte te linku i kma pare ne dokumentar.jane shume krijesa te çuditshme.thonin se pa rrethoren ne qafe nuk mund te jetonin me dhe se pa te e ndjenin veten lakuriq.njera prej tyre e hoqi dhe mezi duroi sa ta vinte prap se nuk e njihte dot veten e saj ashtu..
    eh sa i çuditeshem eshte njeriu.mesohet me çdo gje.

  2. Looks like an epidemics of our era. I believe that all other things being equal, an insomniac bears more grace.

    Your sleeples hours are like old gems buried underground. Will never have value unless seen and touched by another.

    Insomniacs of the world, unite!

  3. eh, ne nje fare menyre te gjitheve na duhen unazat tona per t’u bere “njerez” ne mengjes. ne shumicen e rasteve, jane thjesht te padukshme.
    thx elais, i can not get sleep overload. I tried. lol
    peach, heard you are disqualifying lately from the insomniac ranks. did you banish it in NJ?

  4. I absolutely loved this last post of yours , so turned back to read it.It impressed me and I’ll try to create a photo thinking of this and if I realise it and post it to flickr , I’ll borrow your great story:)

  5. ne kemi nje fjale te “bukur” shqipe qe eshte te jesh KOT. Ne frengjisht nuk ekziston nje fjale e tille qe shpreh ne menyre konçize kete qe ti pershkraun kaq rrjedhshem ketu.

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