Stole this from Celulloid Blonde. Ain’t it cool?

         Crinoline, Corsett and Dashing villains. Well that sounds like me.

“Great balls of fire. Don’t bother me anymore, and don’t call me sugar.”

What Famous Movie Kiss Are You?


20 thoughts on “Stole this from Celulloid Blonde. Ain’t it cool?

  1. Definitely this one. 🙂
    Loved the film, but may be also because i see it every time i fly to Albania from Geneva Airport. There is a very long corridor that brings you from the entry to the gates and there are moving photos of the famous kiss hanging all along the cealing…makes the airport such a romantic place… And if u feel sad to be back, u just think: tomorrow is another day. E zgjaaaataaaa sa dhe vete s’po e lexoj dot me anglishten time…:)

  2. I guess you won’t be surprised that what I got is a mysterious and subversive kind of kiss from the movie “Cruel Intent” and the wording was “I’m the only girl you can’t have, and it kills you.”…and I don’t know her.

  3. Hmm d. in my book that means you have answered
    “A classic romance with a tragic ending”
    “unpredictable and zany”
    “too many to count”
    “committed to them”

  4. so funny. I just peeked in Max’s blog and apparently everybody else got the same answers.
    Mine was the only different one. I am soo special!

  5. Actually my choices were these:
    A dark comedy that’s more than a little twisted
    Witty and sexy
    Too many to count
    In love with them

    Obviously the authors have a considerable lack of functional imagination, which results in few possible variations…
    And yes I am a girl, almost woman actually, finally somebody understood that and I can stop faking, I won’t have to be anyone else any longer…I feel relieved, thank you blete, will you welcome me in your world?

  6. d. Yeah i figured it out after trying some more combinations and getting the same answer all over again.
    I guess the authors have not seen enough movie kisses so that they can provide enough decent choices 😦

    Naida: We’re reconnecting with the little, daydreaming girls within 😉
    it’s always a longivity sign

  7. naida, take heart, i draw the line at plucking daisies.
    D. you have always been welcome. grab a pillow and let’s braid each-others hair.
    elais, that is unacceptable. we will have to reeducate these authors.

  8. Thank you girls!
    I guess the spider man kiss upset me.
    As usual my love affairs are upside down.
    Elais, I took the test in your blog and apparently I am a sunrise .
    Isn`t that nice?

  9. Cool.
    I love sunrises (and by choice some of my closest collaborators are sunrises and A- people.)

    ps: You are always welcome to drop a line directly on my blog if you wish.

  10. yo..


    – yo yo mama…what… what’s your problem!?

    excuse me !- i just need direction

    – yeah ok

    – what street is this

    – estrogen..

    -oh.. yeah i knew it was the wrong turn.. know how to get to main st please..

    -yeah sure.. blah blah blah.. you got it?

    -yep… thanks sweet tits

    – Asshole!

  11. i just thought it was funny for a sec… anyways, Dje po shikoja “Walk the line” .. Me pelqeu fragmenti kur ky robi barely steals a kiss from Reese Witherspoon, and she says.. oh you know it’s not my business but you have a nice family bla bla.. Seems like there was so much tension and that kiss came like an electric discharge.

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