O Canada! Emigrant vacation

Well, I decided to piggyback to Canada for the weekend. Never been anywhere “Abroad” except USA-Albania, which are my homes, so they do not count. Since Canada is cheapest and Toronto is closest, we jumped on a rented Toyota and off we went.

Let me tell you, all road trips need 1. driver 2. entertainer 3. financier. SinceΒ I can not drive andΒ I am broke, my job was to entertain. So I sang, passed fruit, made faces and opened the window at the delicate moments. It is natural to feel need for fresh air, especially after ten hours in a car with work shoes.

We got to the Canadian border pretty good, except for a NY state trooper who decided our emigrant speed was a too presumptious for the highway. (actually he was just doing his job, but nobody likes a ticketgiver.) Anyway, discovering pretty girls in Dickson City PA made up for the day. If you are ever in those parts, stop at the gas station and just watch the beauties go by.

Canadians are so nice. One desk manager pointed us to the cheapest hotel. Grateful, we got to the hotel pretty late, and checked in. We opened the door, turned on the light and were halfway accross the room, when we heard “What is going on, guys?”. We ran out of there screaming, the desk guy after us apologizing and blaming his computer for the fake vacancy. Finally, we got given a different room, empty and fixed (we made sure of that), and then went to sleep.

The Toronto day was good. We got free stuff, walked downtown, had weird hair pieces and bad coffee, ate sushi and bumped shoulders with the hockey fans. I even got hit on which does not usually happen very often. Bless his little Canadian heart, he made my day. Then back at the hotel, counting up the stash and feeling pretty good about ourselves.

The next day we were on the road by 11.00, discovered we’d left stuff at the hotel, turned around, picked it up then drove back towards the border, where Mr. Beaver the Border Man was waiting to mess with our sorry butts. Three people, three different color passports, different accents and no real reason for spending the weekend in Toronto, earned us a thorough check and an urgent trip to the bathroom. On the plus side, I really caught up with that Brian Adams CD,Β I have only heard about a million times in college.

So we came home, tired by satisfied, bags full of free Canadian stuff and belly full of Cracker Barrel food. Here, I discovered worried friends, so decided to write this whole thing right here, as a penance. And of course, to remember that I can be a tourist, even in Canada.


13 thoughts on “O Canada! Emigrant vacation

  1. toronto! my sweet hometown for a while … in the long chain of my “hometowns”.
    I do agree, Canadians are nice people.
    yes the officers at the border, both sides are natural born A**H**** if you fit “the profile”.
    you failed to mention niagara falls, unless you guys skipped it by mistake (though it is tough to miss the Bridge … and actually walk into the states, legally).

    Canadians hitting on you?it will be difficult to tell the canadians from the immigrants πŸ™‚ however, if you were happy, thats what counts.

    seems you guys missed the toronto night life too, or you refrained yourself from sharing it with us.

    pieces of advices:
    1never piss of an immigration officer at the border. she/he has the power to wear the glooves and literally dig on you, no matter how good you feel about yourself πŸ™‚
    2change the color of the cover of your passport in more relaxing colors ( dark blue most likely). red isnt a good idea (imagine the officers are bulls).
    3toronto sushi?! What were you thinking? bad bad idea … they are even worse than NY. as toronto is so far from the sea, and those who make them are some chinese, that believe me you dont want to meet them even in china …

    now that you are back to NY, start chanting some more in this blog, as you see people were worried that the Nanavut polar bear ate you along with the honeycomb.

    PS. sent to eni a photo that will make you feel good about the world. and I hope she doesnt
    mind sharing.

  2. Hehehe, I will try Dominican Republic. I just have to find a way to piggyback there too.
    cluephone, my passport is already a very dark (blue) color. it was not me the Beaver had a problem with.
    can’t tell you about Toronto sushi, except that it was ok. I just had an incredible desire to eat sushi at the time, so i did. so i can not blame anybody else but myself.
    Nightlife, we did miss. but it was enjoyable even without it.
    Canadian Immigrant? this one had maple leaf tattoed all over his forehead and a Nova Scotia Accent that even I could catch. but he had some baby blues and an upturned nose to die for. it must be all that salmon. LOL.

  3. You should have told me you’re coming. T.O is my hood of the past 4 years. Could have showed ya around and could have found you more ‘blessed Canadian heart’ to make your day:)

    oh well.

  4. I think you gotta see all 50 states before jumping out. How many have you seen so far? Ever been in Maine (Stephen King), Idaho (Mr. Potatohead), Wyoming (still offers “open ranches”!), North Dakota (it reminds you that there is still a “South” one, like the “North” was not enough) …. just to mention a few….. Assuming that you’ll take one vacation a year, one can make some math…. can’t continue that line of thought though, if Iwant this posting not to be erased away πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ … but it was a mischievious one, I can assure you for that….

    Now, after all the above, who can tell me that America with its 50 states is not a great, great country… πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

  5. hey america is biiiiig. I only tried planes though. and only Miami, Chicago, DC, Boston, Grand Rapids. Need to go to west coast maybe.
    or maybe I try trains next. I like taking it slow and looking at the scenery.

  6. Hell yeah it’s worth it, if you like jazz music. It’s such a great atmosphere. Montreal comes alive during the summer festivals.

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