Mischief (Find the author of this one)

I found this poem in one of  Peshku’s Comments and could not resist trying my hand to it, no pun intended. We have had such a squeaky clean image of our literature served, that is actually a wonder to find such a saucy little poem in our otherwise proper Renaissance writers (hint, hint)

It is also in Mamadhia’s blog so that should make your guessing even easier

Remember that suggestions are always appreciated and will contribute to the final version.


Elegy to my long lost youth in  my old age (the tool)

Oh dear wife, my tool is thru
it don’t do what it used to do
it was so rampant day and night
this fierce warrior jumped to fight

Alas, woe is me, woe is me
Now it’s useless, can’t you see
Lance that once speared the sky
Now can’t even look up that high.

 A wild stallion only last year
village women made it cheer
when it saw their naked butts
none withstood its wild attacks

That glorious fighter used to invade
every single cave, fissure and slade
it became a bulbous zuchinni
No matter if under a maxi or mini

It was a master at its skill
grateful women on every hill
now it’s tired, it feels so blue
only excited when at the loo

Even for the bountiful booty
of voluptuos, warm thigh beauties
bloodred and snowhite brides
that could never resist its might

Young wifeys with breasts high
Once a must for every night
Do not even raise a peep
Only wakes up for a leak

 Ah my poor suffering wife
your husband has no more life
in his tool to make you happy
But once I was not so shabby

I was brave and debbonaire
always prowling for affairs
I would flirt with all the ladies
one smile I’d be their daddy

Women I craved first of all
broad hips and breast so full
but no girl ever went neglected
virgins were sweetly initiated

And woe to the pregnant one
I did not want no bastard son
Ah the brides young and flirty
I would swallow them in a jiffy

I would kiss and I would bite
raising the whole village wide
Lord of land and mannor too
I’d do only what I wanted to do

 In Zagoria I was above all
with servants at my beck and call
I had horses, cattle and sheep
In mistresses I was knee deep

I knew how to wheel and deal
I made all my wishes real
I saw all Europe’s hidden crannies
Hit up all the joints with bunnies

I tasted Aryan Blonde beauties
narrow-waisted Persian houris
I poked my way through the world
but in France I lost my head

Who curious is about that deal
suck my friend and get an idea
But I ain’t never going in Instanbul
Man pokes man and that ain’t cool

They say it’s dirty, but before I die
wish just this once that I could try
Anyway, now I am really through
I am old, limp and exhausted too.


12 thoughts on “Mischief (Find the author of this one)

  1. Hey , I remember this one, I was quite surprised to say the truth. No doubt is saucy, and no modesty there on the part of Çajupi.

  2. Naida, ten star nova for finding the author.

    I think he was just being his usual impertinent self and exageratting on paper. i am sure all writers do.

    It is interesting how the author comes accross as such an aggressive schmuck when the rest of his poems talk about the bad treatments of women. i guess he is poking fun at the “bej” image of the time, translated into the “boss” of today.

  3. What a beauty….. who in hell can add or change or take away anything from this one….. You know, some things are made to enjoy, not analyze them…. this here being the case….

    somewhere at peshku, if I’m not mistaken, this is given also as “kenga e celularit”…. God bless rilindasit and Co.!

  4. naida, thank you for the explanation. Cranny is the sing. version. However I do believe that Its’ version has a certain merit as well.
    peach, where would we be without analyzing?
    but comment is ear growing. 😀

  5. Blete, you will soon be receiving a call from Pfizer on this . They will request a name change to “Elegy for Viagra”

  6. ouch, i can not even sell the rights to this thing now. my only chance to get rich will go to Zagoria.
    eni thanks for your appreciation. right back at ya.

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